Black Clover 273: Spoilers & Theories

Most Crucial Battle Begins

By Epic Dope Staff | November 30, 2020

Black Clover 273 is out & the story will enter its most crucial battle yet against the Dark Triad & the devils guarding the Tree of Qliphoth.

The chapter starts with a scene of Dante healing in a laboratory. Not only is he healing but he is going to emerge stronger than before.

The scene cuts to Asta & Liebe defeating Nacht in a match. Nacht recalls that Asta was able to neutralize his magic zone.

Nacht states that Asta & Liebe are not yet ready to go into battle because they have managed to form the devil union for a short time & is unstable.

The initial group will invade until Asta & Liebe enter as reinforcements. Their combined powers are sure to be a turning point in the upcoming war.