Attack On Titan Episode 73 Delayed

4.7 Earthquake Strikes Japan

By Epic Dope Staff | March 16, 2021

Japan is facing one crisis after another. As if a pandemic wasn’t enough, Japan also has to keep up with earthquakes.

Attack of Titan, our favorite gory anime, was cut off midway for an emergency earthquake warning.

Japan faced a 4.7 magnitude earthquake around the Wakayama prefecture at around 12;26 am on 14th March. AOT's ep 14 was airing from 12;10.

However, the episode was cut short by the emergency news coverage. NHK has not announced the date for the re-broadcast of ep 14.

Keeping up with the broadcasting channel, both Crunchyroll and Funimation have decided not to air the concerned episode till it airs in Japan.

The government has announced that there is no danger of a tsunami. The quake was not strong enough to cause significant damages.

We can only hope that everyone in and near the Wakayama prefecture is safe.