Attack on Titan S4 EP3: Explained

Reiner’s Illusions

By Epic Dope Staff | December 21, 2020

Attack on Titan S4 EP3 shows us the evil side of mankind even more clearly. Were we all waiting for mini-Reiner to get hit in the face with the truth?

It tests the patience of the audience a bit more, due to no real action. But, the backstory is needed to build up the sentiments towards Reiner.

Out of the six warriors who were sent to Paradis, three died within their first day. Only Annie, Bertolt, & Reiner are alive.

The three survivors, Annie, Reiner, and Bertolt, turn into titans and bring down the outermost wall of Paradis.

5 years go by and Reiner sees a piece of his past self in Eren. Reiner also sees how Eren fights against his limits just like he did in Marley.

All the soldiers who go to war follow the footsteps of past heroes. The scene shifts & we see Reiner trying to kill himself.