Attack on Titan EP 73-74: Explained

Is Euthanizing Eldians The Hope?

By Epic Dope Staff | March 23, 2021

Attack on Titan EP 73-74 were released today due to the delay. However, now that we have two episodes and double the gore, no one will be complaining.

As soon as Eren meets Armin and Mikasa in episode 14, he claims: “I am free.” He also claims that Armin and Mikasa are the ones getting manipulated.

Armin has a piece of Bertholdt inside him, and thus he visits Annie. Mikasa is an Ackerman whose instinct has been awakened by Eren & thus a slave.

However, the intensity with which Eren damns Armin and Mikasa seems forced and too harsh. Is it possible that he is trying to distance himself.

Meanwhile, Levi was not called the true devil of Paradise in vain. Zeke’s spinal fluid turned 30 of his comrades to titans.

He slashed and hacked through every one of them. It is not every day that you get to see such action accompanied by heart-thumping music.

EP 15 clarified Zeke’s plan of liberating Eldians. Grisha treated Zeke as an opportunity to avenge Faye’s death. Zeke grew up with conflicting ideals.

Zeke couldn’t take it anymore, and to save himself and his grandparents, he surrendered his parents over to Marley.

Zeke thought if he somehow gets control over the Founding Titan, he can modify the bodies of all Eldians so that they can never reproduce.

Both Eren and Zeke have agreed on this plan. For them, mass genocide is the lesser of two evils and thus the only way out of the never-ending cycle.

It ends with a frightening explosion & Levi has been caught up in a blast that Zeke caused. What will happen next?