Attack on Titan Episode 71: Explained

Anime Discloses The Jaegerists

By Epic Dope Staff | March 2, 2021

Attack on Titan S4 Ep 12 was bone-chilling. Eren has escaped from his detainment cell, and we cannot predict what he will do to reach his goals.

Darius Zackley, the commander in chief of the Marleyan military, has been brutally murdered. Eren took advantage of the blast to escape the prison.

All the Jaegerists seem to be the scout’s younger members or the people who have not always been close to Eren.

The newer generation of the military has chosen the path of violence and anarchy, and history seems to be repeating itself.

Mikasa and Armin do not know if they can convince Eren anymore. Their belief in Eren has been thoroughly shaken.

Sasageyo is not just the most celebrated opening theme of Attack on Titan; it is also a call for unity. The latest episode seems to have twisted it.

When they chant Sasegeyo, it seems as if they want sacrifice rather than devotion. The civilians think that their wishes were fulfilled and Eren is their savior.