Attack on Titan S4 EP 4: Explanation

Reiner And Eren's Confrontation

By Epic Dope Staff | December 28, 2020

Marley is raring for another attack on Paradis, but little do they know that Paradis is one step ahead of them.

Episode 5 onwards is where the real game begins. The appearance of Eren has no doubt picked up the anime's pace.

The Tybur family has had possession of the War Hammer Titan for generations. They are Eldians but are nobles.

The ambassadors from all around the world have gathered at Liberio. They are all nobility but they look down upon the Eldians with disgust.

A post-credit scene reveals that just as Willy’s speech starts, Falco brings Reiner to meet 'Kruger' in a dark basement.

Reiner is shocked as he encounters Eren. If Eren transforms underground, the stage above will be destroyed, and many people will get injured.