Ace Attorney

Mangaka Releases NFT Project

By Epic Dope Staff | July 30, 2021

Kazuo Maekawa is a veteran mangaka known for taking up some peculiar projects, like his manga adaptation of the video game Ace Attorney.

Kazuo Maekawa and writer Tony Vega have released an original multimedia NFT project B & B Bad Sisters.

The project will debut on 6th August 2021, with the first set of NFT artwork consisting of 27 pieces. They will be going live on the OpenSea marketplace.

The visual introduces us to the protagonists, Moh and Kumako Homma, who have the traditional high school delinquent demeanor.

The story takes place in an alternative version of Japan’s capital called Crypto Tokyo, where cryptocurrency is a part of daily life

Although the plans aren’t entirely clear yet, this is just the first phase of the project. It might be a little difficult to understand for now, but this indeed is our future!