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Smartphone Game, CUE!, Is Prompting An Anime Series; Key Visual

CUE! is a smartphone game that was released in Japan in 2019. To the utter delight of fans, the game is now about to inspire an anime series!

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Many video games or smartphone games get adapted into anime, manga, or light novels due to their solid storyline and interesting characters.

The game has to reach a certain level of popularity to get adapted into other media. Granblue Fantasy, Castlevania, Dragon’s Dogma are all anime, which were initially video games.

The official website of CUE! has announced that the game will be getting an anime adaptation. A new visual for the upcoming anime is also released.

Smartphone Game, CUE!, Is Prompting An Anime Series; Key Visual
CUE! Visual | Source: Official Website

The visual shows the 16 aspiring idol girls who are the main attraction of the game/anime. These idols belong to the same company, and the player is the manager.

As a manager, it is the player’s responsibility to nurture the talents of these young women and let them flourish.

Yumeta Company and Graphinica are coming together to produce the anime.

The Staff of the Anime Includes

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorShin KatagaiRe: Stage! Dream Plays
Series ScriptTatsuhiko UrahataBaki
Character DesignerMotohiro TaniguchiMy Sweet Tyrant

The exact release date, cast, and other information have not been announced yet.

Numerous idol anime titles exist in which the development of each idol is shown. The [email protected], IDOLiSH7, Aikatsu are all various idol based anime. We are excited to see what new twist CUE! brings to the genre.

About CUE!

CUE! is a Japanese smartphone game for Android and iOS platforms produced by Liber Entertainment. It was released in October 2019. The game will be inspiring an anime adaptation soon.

Smartphone Game, CUE!, Is Prompting An Anime Series; Key Visual
CUE! | Source: Official Website

The game revolves around 16 aspiring idols who belong to a not so popular agency. The player is the manager of these idols, whose role is to make the girls flourish.

Source: Official website of CUE!

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