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Skeleton Knight Anime Drops a Gripping New Teaser before April Debut

Just like any other isekai anime, Skeleton Knight in Another World begins with the protagonist waking up in another world. Yet, what sets it apart from the rest is how blatantly it shows the dark side of the isekai world.

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As Arc, the protagonist, gets used to his new form and he quickly realizes that his first need is money.

Since the land is rife with burglars and evil-doers, he has no problem taking their wealth. When the anime premieres this year, we’ll see just how powerful Arc is.

The Skeleton Knight in Another World anime will be released in April 2022 and streamed by Crunchyroll.

A new promotional video has also been revealed to tease the adventures of Arc in the game world:

[PV2] TV anime “Skeleton Knight, now going out to another world” will be broadcast and distributed worldwide from April 2022!

The trailer shows the protagonist who is flustered after he realizes he had taken the form of a skeleton of all things. Well, at least he is covered head to toe in armor.

Soon afterward, he realizes that the game world where he has woken up has too many evils to count. He rescues multiple people from burglars, monsters, and kidnappers.

We can also see Arianne, an elven warrior, impressed with Arc’s skill and hiring him to save the elves.

A new visual is also out, which teases the main characters of the upcoming anime: Arc, Arianne, Chiyome, and Ponta, Arc’s spirit animal pet.

Skeleton Knight Anime Drops a Gripping New Teaser before April Debut
Skeleton Knight in Another World | Source: Official Website

Some new cast members have also been announced, which include:

CharacterCastOther Works
ChiyomeMiyu TomitaMiko Iino (Kaguya-sama: Love is War)
DankaTakuya EguchiAkihiko Kaji (Given)
DillanKousuke ToriumiAcnologia (Fairy Tail)
GlenysYuko MinaguchiVidel (Dragon Ball)
EevinRumi OkuboChinatsu Yoshikawa (Yuruyuri)
GoemonRyota TakeuchiWakatoshi Ushijima (Haikyu!!)

How will Arc help free all the elves in the upcoming anime? Moreover, is he stuck with the skeleton face now? Even if he can’t reveal himself to Arianne, at least Ponta doesn’t mind his appearance.

About Skeleton Knight in Another World

Skeleton Knight in Another World is a Japanese light novel series written by Ennki Hakari and illustrated by KeG. Both the light novel and manga are licensed in North America by Seven Seas Entertainment.

An anime television series adaptation by Studio Kai and HORNETS has been announced.


Source: Official Website

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