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Sirius The Jaeger Season 2- Release Date, Info & Cast

Sirius the Jaeger, a vampire-werewolf fantasy, became quite popular when it was streamed on Netflix.

Following the story of redemption and vampires, the American audience got rejoiced as there was another story coming which they can vest their interest and time in.

In the final month of 2018, Netflix released four brand new anime, and one of them was Sirius The Jaeger. The anime blew up, and people all over the world admired it.

Since the completion of the first season, the question of a second season is in the air. Fans have been wanting to know the prospects of a new season. Here is every info we have on the fantasy thriller series.

1. Release Date of Season 2

There is no news regarding the production of ‘Sirius The Jaeger’ as of the last update.

Any of the production company hasn’t disclosed any information about the prospects of a second season.

Sirius The Jaeger Season 2-Release Date, Info & Cast Updates.
Sirius The Jaeger | Source: Netflix

Although it is highly unlikely that there won’t be a new season.

If we take a look at the current scenario, Covid-19 has either halted or postponed several anime from coming this year, so it won’t be until late 2021 or early 2022 when the new season arrives.

Also, the idea of the show getting canceled is an option here. Since the show is an original anime series, there is no source material, and the fans might quickly lose interest if the series doesn’t offer an exciting plot and a good cliffhanger.

2. Will there be a Season 2?

Several factors play a decisive role in the confirmation of a new season, and since its an original anime, it pretty much comes down to one thing – ‘how many people have watched the show?’

The anime was licensed by Netflix, so it wasn’t only restricted in Japan but also gained a massive viewership from other countries so we can only assume that it garnered a pretty decent fanbase outside too.

In all, chances for a new season are there on the table, but one can only wait and watch.

3. Theory Section

The first season ended on a note which left fans clamoring for a second one, and given the plot of the show, there’s still much to discover, and the journey of our heroes doesn’t end here.

Sirius The Jaeger Season 2-Release Date, Info & Cast Updates.
Sirius The Jaeger | Source: Wikipedia

(a) About the Studio

The famed P.A Works is the studio behind the production of Sirius The Jaeger, and it did a splendid job overall.

They are quite renowned in the anime industry and some of their famous works are ‘Angel Beats,’ ‘Another,’ ‘Charlotte’, and ‘Uchouten Kazoku.’

(b) The Animation

The animation is fantastic. The 1930s setting is aptly captured with vibrant colors and great cinematography. It would not be wrong to say that the show’s animation is able to compensate for the story and characters.

The fluidity in the fighting sequences is top-notch. Overall, the animation couldn’t be any better. Kudos P.A Works!

(c) About Keigo Koyanagi

Keigo Koyanagi is the writer of the vampire-werewolf drama, and he did a great work scripting and molding the fantasy in the 1930s. He has also been a scriptwriter in ‘Angel Beats’ and in several episodes of ‘Made in Abyss.’

For now, he’s waiting for the confirmation of a new season from the producers so that he can work on the script of the second season.

Since it’s an original, there’s no manga, light novel, or a game that would attract the audience, it all depends upon his writing solely.

(d) Production Update

Sirius The Jaeger Season 2-Release Date, Info & Cast Updates.
Sirius The Jaeger | Source: Netflix

As of the last update, P.A Works, Netflix, or any other production company related to the second installment of the anime haven’t disclosed any info about the release date or such.

Keeping in mind the impact the pandemic left on the anime industry, expect the new season to be only released in late 2021 or later.

3. Key Visual

No key visual for the second installment of the anime has been released yet.

4. Teaser/Trailer

There is no teaser or trailer released for the second season yet.

5. Why is Sirius The Jaeger popular?

Sirius The Jaeger tackles several core aspects which appeal to both the Japanese and American audience alike, the elements being vampires, hunters, lots of action and politics.

Moreover, the show got a beautiful animation, all thanks to P.A Works for that and a compelling story if you can handle the first few episodes.

Sirius The Jaeger Season 2-Release Date, Info & Cast Updates.
Sirius The Jaeger

Although one can argue that the series was meant to cater the Western Audience more than the Japanese, but this point can be neglected because catering to an overseas audience rarely works out, they won’t read mangas and light novels until they are translated in English and buying DVDs is a far cry here.

6. Cast and Staff

The cast and staff for the first season of the show were:


CreatorKeigo Koyanagi
DirectorMasahiro Andou
Series CompositionKeigo Koyanagi
Character DesignMai Matsuura
StudioP.A Works


YuliyHaruka Tomatsu
MikhailTakahiro Sakurai
DorotheaNanako Mori
BishopKenji Hamada
Ryouke NaoeRie Takahashi

7. About Sirius The Jaeger

Hepburn: Shirisu za Yega or Sirius The Jaeger is an original anime television series created by Keigo Koyanagi, produced by P.A Works and licensed by Netflix. The first episode of the series broadcasted on 12 July 2018.

It is the year 1930 in Japan, and the vampires have infiltrated Tokyo and started feasting on the citizens residing there.

The death toll is rising day by day, and to tackle the situation, the Japanese police employ vampire hunters known as Jaegers to protect the city from the chaos.

A bizarre and diverse group of individuals employed by the V Shipping Company arrives in Japan. They then start hunting down the vampires ruthlessly in the city.

Yuily, the most skilled warrior among the Jaegers, is the sole survivor of a vampire attack in his village. All his hatred is channeled towards the hunting down and killing all the vampires in his sight.

In the backdrop of this, the Jaegers are fighting for a mystical artifact known as Sirius the Ark, which has the power to destroy the world, unknown to the cops.

The fate of the world lies in the hands of Yuily and his comrades. They must do everything in their power to stop the vampires from laying a hand on the artifact.

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