Should You Keep Your Laptop Box: Warranties, Storage Tips, And More

Laptop boxes are quite big and a headache to store, but in reality, manufactures don’t require you to keep the box unless you want to return it within the stipulated time.

I have always been hoarding electronic boxes, from phones to cumbersome laptop boxes. Even though laptops have gotten slimmer, the packages have still been a headache to store.

Just this spring, I wondered what the actual purpose of keeping these boxes was. Is there any reason to keep the manufacturing boxes around, or is there a better way to store them?

1. Do You Need Laptop Boxes At All?

Laptop Boxes are a great way of storing laptops in the store, but they do not add any aesthetic value when kept at home. Warranties from manufacturers don’t require you to keep the original box if you want to utilize the warranty unless specified in their RMA terms (for most major manufacturers, it isn’t needed).

Boxes are required if you want to replace the laptop under the seller’s replacement policy, like Amazon’s replacement policy, which usually lasts for 7-14 days from the date of purchase. After that, the box is only useful if you ever want it to ship again or resell the item with the original box.     

Should You Keep Your Laptop Box: Warranties, Storage Tips, And More
Laptop Box

Laptop Warranties do not require you to retain the original box until the terms and conditions specifically call for it, which they rarely do. However, seller replacement policies like Amazon’s 7-day replacement do ask for the original box.

After the replacement period ends and you decide to keep the laptop after all, the box is no longer required. If you plan to resell the laptop with its original box, you can retain the box, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on precious storage space for it.

2. Where to Store Laptop Boxes: Are Attics Safe?

Boxes from manufacturers are quite durable be it from laptops or mobile phones.

As long as you don’t chuck them under the shower or leave them outside in the garden under the harsh sun, they should be fine. I keep them in the attic; it’s a dry place and keeps them away from the wandering eye of guests.

Laptop boxes are built to be durable and can be safely stored in the attic. As long as the storage space is a cool and dry place, your electronic boxes should be fine.

Still, storage space is precious and spending that on empty boxes does not seem right. There are more efficient ways to store the boxes while keeping the return policy and keeping the option to resell with original packages valid.   

3. How to Store Boxes Efficiently?

Should You Keep Your Laptop Box: Warranties, Storage Tips, And More
Laptop Box

There are some reasons to keep the original boxes in storage. I keep them around for their nostalgic value. Some of you might want to keep them to resell as it also facilitates shipping. No matter if you’re going to keep the boxes around for sentimental value or shipping abilities, there are better ways to keep the boxes.

  1. Stack The Boxes: Russian Doll Style

Most of the electronic boxes are of varying sizes, which makes them that harder to stock. One way to go is to stack or nestle them into one another, just like a Russian doll.  

This method is simple to follow; just stack smaller boxes into bigger boxes until you run out of boxes.

  1. Flat Pack The Boxes: Most Efficient Way

Stacking the boxes is not the trick to follow if you are strict on vertical space. In that case, folding boxes and packing them flat is more efficient.

To store boxes flat: Open the box’s flaps and remove any plastic tabs that may have been inserted to keep the box upright. Then just press the box along its creases to pack it flat.

Should You Keep Your Laptop Box: Warranties, Storage Tips, And More
Laptop Box

4. About Laptop Boxes

Laptop boxes are the cardboard boxes that your laptop arrives in from the store or the manufacture’s warehouse.

These boxes are made from cardboard with a recycled paper called a flute, which is pressed between two liners. These liners are most of the time made from recycled paper. If you’ve ever wondered how green the laptop boxes are, they are pretty green, maybe more than you imagined.

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