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Kingdom: Shin’s Contributions in Every Battle Campaign So Far

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Kingdom.

Being the protagonist of the series, Ri Shin from Kingdom has seen a steady growth in terms of character, strength, abilities, and tactical experience. He started out as a total amateur, but look where he’s reached now!

As of the Western Invasion arc, Shin is a Qin General with an army of 15000 soldiers.

His journey has been long and arduous, and in today’s article, I’m going to go through all of Shin’s major contributions that have brought him – and Qin – where they are today.

Without Shin and his unit’s efforts, the campaigns that Qin fought against the other states would have ended with far more losses than wins.

1. What were Shin’s contributions during the Keiyou Campaign?

During the Battle at Dakan Plains or the Keiyou Campaign against Wei, Shin killed Kou Rigen, one of the 10 Bows of China, and General Ma Ki of the Wei Go Kei Army. He also led Baku Koshin’s unit despite being a mere villager, helping Qin acquire victory.

Despite being his first ever war, Shin shone among even experienced Qin generals. He took down one half of the Wei Office Hunter duo aka Ma Ki, while Duke Hyo took down the other.

Kingdom: Shin’s Contributions in Every Battle Campaign So Far
Shin | Source: Official Website

He proved himself as a leader after Baku Koshin was killed and led the latter’s surviving squad through an attack. They slayed Wei’s chariot captains and 2 Wei officers.

For his achievements, Shin was promoted to a 100-Man Commander.

2. What were Shin’s contributions during the Battle of Bayou?

During the Battle of Bayou or the Bayou Campaign against Zhao, Shin’s major contribution was killing the Zhao General Fuu Ki, defeating his unit, and saving the citizens who would otherwise have been exterminated by Great General Hou Ken.

After the Keiyou Campaign, Shin assembled his unit with the remaining soldiers to get on the task of killing Fuu Ki, as commanded by Great General Ou Ki. That was when the Hi Shin Unit was born, and succeeding their given order was their first victory.

Kingdom: Shin’s Contributions in Every Battle Campaign So Far
Shin | Source: Netflix

On the very first day of battle, Shin managed to kill Fuu Ki of the Intellect with the help of Kanou and Heki, while Kyou Kai killed his commanding officers.

Shin also battled Hou Ken himself and manages to survive. Hou Ken killing his mentor Ou Ki, was a defining moment for Shin; every battle post this was an effort to avenge Ou Ki and make him proud.  

For his achievements, Shin was promoted to a 300-Man Commander.

3. What were Shin’s contributions during the Sanyou Campaign?

During the Sanyou Campaign, Shin’s greatest contribution was defeating and slaying the veteran General Rin Ko, who was one of Zhao Great General Ren Pa’s 4 Heavenly Kings. He also battled Ren Pa himself, and allowed Kan Ki to infiltrate the Wei HQ, thus securing Sanyou.

This one was a real test for Shin and we really saw him give it his all against Rin Ko, almost dying in the process. He surpassed his limits and used Jump Attack to injure Rin Ko’s horse and then slice off 2 of his fingers.

Kingdom: Shin’s Contributions in Every Battle Campaign So Far
Shin | Source: Crunchyroll

Despite being heavily underestimated, Shin actually managed to kill Rin Ko, the Flying Spear, thus compromising the Wei Center, allowing Qin forces to defeat the Zhao officers and secure Sanyou for Qin.

For his achievements, Shin was promoted to a 1000-Man Commander and given a sword as a gift by King Ei Sei.

4. What were Shin’s contributions during the Battle of Kankoku Pass?

During the Battle at Kankoku Pass, Shin contributed by slaying the Zhao General Man Goku, and leading Duke Hyou’s army after his death. Along with the armies of Mou Gou, Tou, Kan Ki and others, Shin’s unit helped form a line of defense around Kankoku Pass.

Kingdom: Shin’s Contributions in Every Battle Campaign So Far
Shin | Source: Fandom

The Battle of Kankoku was the first campaign as part of the Coalition Invasion against Qin. With the warring states of Chu, Wei, Han, Yan, and Zhao, Qin had to put in all their efforts into holding their own and not succumbing.

Under the master Instinctual-type General Duke Hyou, Shin was able to awaken his own instincts and cut down Man Goku.

Shin was temporarily made a 2000-Man Commander to lead the remaining Duke Hyou Unit soldiers and his own against the Zhao attackers.

5. What were Shin’s contributions during the Battle of Sai?

During the Battle of Sai, Shin saved Ka Ryo Ten from being imprisoned, saved King Ei Sei’s life, wounded the Great General Hou Ken and held off his forces, thus saving Qin and causing Zhao to retreat.

Despite being tired out after Kankoku, Shin fought every day in the Sai Battle, playing a gigantic role in defending Qin.

Meanwhile, on the flanks of Kankoku pass, Ou Sen, Tou, and Mou Bu beat Yan’s Ordo and Chu’s Ka Rin, and Rin Bu Kun.

Kingdom: Shin’s Contributions in Every Battle Campaign So Far
Ri Boku | Source: Fandom

Ri Boku had used the Kankoku Battle as bait to siege Sai, but seeing as all his forces had been defeated, he decided to retreat.

Shin aided the Yo Tan Wa Army and Ei Sei’s people to engage with Hou Ken, who was Ri Boku’s trump card. Shin fought valiantly against Hou Ken but would likely have been killed had Ri Boku not ordered a retreat. It would still be some time before Shin was ready to face off against Hou Ken.

For his achievements, Shin was promoted to a 3000-Man Commander

6. What were Shin’s contributions during the Battle of Tonryuu?

During the siege at Tonryuu, Shin helped Heki’s Subjugation Army stop Zhao from advancing over the Mei Plains. He later saved Sei’s wife, Rui, from conspirators.

After the exhausting Battle of Sai, Ei Sei sent Shin to help Heki to save Sei Kyou from traitors. Shin really excelled with Ou Ki’s glaive during this battle and with the aid of Kyou Kai and Mou Ten, was able to crush the advance of Zhao’s army.

Kingdom: Shin’s Contributions in Every Battle Campaign So Far
Shin | Source: Fandom

Although Shin was unable to save Sei Kyou, he rescued his wife, Rui, along with her consorts and the palace people. After this Shin went to Kanyou taking the members of the Sei Kyou Faction who had now joined the Ei Sei Faction.

7. What were Shin’s contributions during the Chiyoyou Campaign?

During the Chiyoyou Campaign, Shin’s major contribution was killing the Wei Great General Rei Ou, who was one of the 7 Fire Dragons of Wei. His efforts resulted in the Wei Army’s retreat from the region and Qin’s victory at Chiyoyou.

Go Hou Mei had attacked Chiyoyou and Shin and his unit were tasked with assisting the Tou Army along with Ou Hon to take back Chiyoyou.

Kingdom: Shin’s Contributions in Every Battle Campaign So Far
Shin | Source: IMDb

The Hi Shin Unit fought Gai Mou and Ka Ryo Ten ended up being taken hostage. But on the second day, they managed to exchange Jun Sou with Ten.

After Kyou Kai captured the Wei HQ, Shin accidentally killed Rei Ou. His target had been Gou Hou Mei, but due to his trickery, Rei Ou was killed and Mei escaped.

Later, the Hi Shin Unit helped in constructing the fortress at Chiyoyou.

For his achievements at Chiyoyou, Shin was promoted to a 5000-Man Commander

8. What were Shin’s contributions during the Battle of Kanyou?

During the Kanyou Campaign, Shin aided Shou Hou Kun to defeat the Ai Army and stop the Ai rebellion. He teamed up with the Sai Army and helped save Kanyou from destruction.

Shin was still at Chiyoyou when the Chiyoyou and Sanyou were given to the Royal Harem faction of which the Queen Mother was a part. She, along with Rou Ai, called for the independence of Taigen and formed the secular state of Ai.

Kingdom: Shin’s Contributions in Every Battle Campaign So Far
Shin | Source: Fandom

Shin took only 1000 of his men and joined Sai’s soldiers after Ka Ryo Ten cracked a secret message from Shou Hei Kun. They crossed the Wei River near Kanyou to intercept the Rebel Army.

Shin took command of the vanguard to reach the shore and secure their foothold in Kanyou. Along with the Subjugation Army, Shin entered Kanyou to save Ei Sei’s children.

Ryo Fui’s betrayal became evident after his men turned on the Ei Sei Faction. Eventually, Shin’s men, the Subjugation Army, and Ka Ryo Ten helped Shou Hei Kun perform the Hourai stratagem to kill Wa Tegi, the Duke of Juuteki, thus crushing the rebel forces.

9. What were Shin’s contributions during the Kokuyou Campaign?  

During the Kokuyou Campaign, Shin killed the Zhao General Kei Sha. His efforts helped save Kan Ki, who captured Gyou, a strategic Zhao city, close to its capital. Shin’s unit broke through Zhao’s fortifications and secured the Kokuyou Hills for Qin.

In a mere 5 days, Qin managed to take the hills of Kokuyou after defeating the Zhao armies of Kei Sha and Rigan.

Kingdom: Shin’s Contributions in Every Battle Campaign So Far
Shin | Source: Crunchyroll

The fact that Shin was able to slay Kei Sha, Ri Boku’s protégé and the closest candidate to Zhao’s 3 Great Heavens – also the Commander-in-Chief of the Zhao Army, is actually incredible.

Kei Sha had earlier managed to escape Kan Ki’s trap and then the Zen Ou Clan. Shin decided to follow Kei Sha and managed to kill him in a duel that didn’t even last that long.

10. What were Shin’s contributions during the Battle at Shukai Plains or the Gyou Campaign?

Shin’s greatest contribution till date occurred during the Western Zhao Invasion at the battle in Shukai, where he slayed Zhao’s Great General, Hou Ken. He also killed 2 other generals, and helped the Ou Sen Army force the Ri Boku Army to retreat.

During the battle, Shin was appointed the commander of Qin’s Right Wing, after A Kou and Ou Hon were incapacitated. Shin killed Chou Ga Ryuu and Gaku Ei, pushing Qin’s Right Wing to the Center.

Kingdom: Shin’s Contributions in Every Battle Campaign So Far
Ou Sen Army | Source: Fandom

Shin finally encountered Hou Ken again. This time he was ready, having trained hard with Ou Ki’s glaive. Shin killed the Great Heaven Hou Ken, avenging his mentor.

The Hi Shin Unit, along with the Ou Sen Army, the Gyoku Hou Unit, and the Gaku Ka Unit, chased the retreating forces of Ri Boku until they were encountered by Kan Ki in Gyou.

For his achievements against in the Western Zhao Invasion, Shin was promoted to the rank of a General. The Hi Shin Unit was made into a 15000-Man Army.

11. Conclusion

Shin’s contributions in each of the campaigns we’ve seen thus far have been priceless. Having killed numerous generals from opposing states, Shin has made us all proud. Killing a Zhao first generation Great General is a feat fit for the MC.

Kingdom: Shin’s Contributions in Every Battle Campaign So Far
Kingdom | Source: Fandom

His strength and battle performance have only seen an uphill trajectory, reaching their peak when he goes toe-to-toe against Hou Ken, a man known to be the pinnacle of martial strength.

Killing Hou Ken is a huge win, not just for Shin personally, but for Qin. Without Shin’s perseverance and determination, Ei Sei’s goal to unify China would be half-lived.

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The manga provides a fictionalised account of the Warring States period primarily through the experiences of the war orphan Xin and his comrades.

In the story, Xin fights to become the most significant general under the heavens, and in doing so, unifying China for the first time in history.

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