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Shark Vs. Surfer Review- Is It Worth Watching?

National Geographic’s Sharkfest is perhaps the most thrilling way to kick-start a blockbuster summer vacation. With 17 shows and documentaries being broadcast over five weeks, Sharkfest not only provides shark enthusiasts quality entertainment but also supports marine life and protects sharks in their natural habitat.

Shark Vs. Surfer premiers with the eighth annual Sharkfest and is sure to delight viewers with the harrowing tales of shark attacks on innocent surfers and their miraculous escapes.

1. Quick Review

Shark Vs. Surfer is a docu-series like no other. It takes you up close and personal into the lives of surfers who have been victims of a shark attack.

The series recreates scenes and gives you an in-depth analysis of the attack and its consequences on personal lives. Like most of the Sharkfest events, viewer discretion is advised when you watch Shark Vs. Surfer.

2. Info & Watch Links

Shark Vs. Surfer

Air Date: August 2, 2020 Status: Airing Studio: National Geographic No. of Seasons: 1 No. of Episodes: 5
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3. Is It Worth Watching?

Shark Vs. Surfer features tales from all around the globe and a variety of species of sharks. You get to know why sharks attack surfers and which places are most likely to have a shark sighting and attack. Scientists say that most shark bites occur because sharks mistake a surfer or his board for something that they eat.

I. What’s It About?

Statistics and research suggest that a person’s chances of dying from a shark attack are one in 400 million. Shark Vs. Surfer visits the top five places in the world for shark attacks and sightings and brings you a story from each destination.

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The show also showcases a variety of predators, including three sharks that attacked people deliberately. The survivors help re-create the scene of the attack and, with a narrative voice-over, recant the horrors of that fateful day. They also show off their scars and how the attack impacted their personal lives.

Shark Vs Surfer Review
Shark VS Surfer | Source: HULU

II. The Attacks

Shark Vs. Surfer shows you five tales of shark attacks. We start off in California, where a woman named Leanne was attacked while swimming by a great white shark. On the other coast, in Florida, where a significant portion of unprovoked attacks occurs, Chris is bitten on his foot. He was in shallow waters, and the culprit was a Black Tipped Shark.

Hawaii’s Marjorie shows us how an attack can cause trauma and affect a person’s life. She had not returned to the beach for many years after being bitten by a Tiger Shark and revisited the fateful site for the first time in the series.

The story of a newly-wed couple in South Africa encountering a bull shark attack also sends chills down your spine. The last attack is an accidental one, set in Western Australia. Denver was attacked by a Great White Shark drawn closer to the shore with a swarm of sharks because a whale had beached nearby.

Shark VS. Surfer Sharkfest 2020
Sharkfest 2020 | Source: National Geographic

While the stories are packed with nail-biting suspense, blood and gore, and several tense moments, Shark Vs. Surfer is a collection of tales of survival. Unlike ‘When Sharks Attack’, another staple of Sharkfest, this show doesn’t have any stories ending in death.

4. Grade


Story: A-

Cinematography/Animation: B+

Direction: A-

5. Final Thoughts

Shark Vs. Surfer is another show that reminds beachgoers and surfers about the lurking danger of sharks. While these people survived to tell their stories, there are many who don’t, and it is essential to gather all necessary information and take precautions while suffering.

For fans of Sharkfest, Shark Vs. Surfer walks right up their alley. It has drama, blood, scars, and sharks and keeps you hooked throughout. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this show became a Sharkfest Regular on National Geographic in the following years.

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