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Selection Project’s Key Visual and Teaser Focuses on SuzuRena’s Performance

Selection Project might look like just another idol anime to some, but to me, it is the journey of a child towards her dreams.

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After its October debut, the anime has amassed a significant number of fans. Many of us have looked up to certain idols as we went through difficult phases in life.

Suzune, the protagonist, is just like us and aspires to become an inspiration for other girls.

The Selection Project anime was released on October 1, 2021, and is listed with 12 episodes in total. Funimation is currently streaming it outside Asia, while Muse has licensed the series for South and Southeast Asia.

Three episodes of the anime have been released so far. A new visual is revealed just before episode four premiers on October 22.

The third key visual  is released


The unit “Suzu” released in # 03 ☆ Released the third visual depicting “Rena”

suzu ☆ Rena’s song “BB” is also released on Youtube!


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The third key visual portrays Suzuna Miyama and Rena Hananoi, who are representatives from the Kanto block. In the first three episodes, a distinct relation between them has been established as they are both vying for the top.

【セレプロ】B.B./Suzu☆Rena【TVアニメ「SELECTION PROJECT」大好評放送中!】
[SELECTION PRO] B.B / suzu ☆ rena [TV anime “SELECTION PROJECT” is now on air! ]

A video highlighting a collaboration performance of both Suzuna and Rena shows off just how much they are in sync.

In case you want more behind-the-scenes chemistry between their cast members, go ahead and watch this live stream that involves lots of dance tutorials and giggling.

A new music video for the ending theme songs has finally been released. 9-tie has performed the ending theme song, “Glorious Days.”

【セレプロ】TVアニメ「SELECTION PROJECT」EDテーマ「Only one yell」
[SELECTION PRO] TV anime “SELECTION PROJECT” ED theme “Only one yell”

How will these two rivals fulfill their dreams? Will they reach the top together, or will they have to face off against each other?

About Selection Project

Selection Project is an anime by Doga Kobo that is based on a national idol competition. It is based on KADOKAWA’s idol x audition x reality show multimedia project.

The series focuses on Suzune Miyama, a young girl who aspires to be an idol. She participates in the 7th SELECTION PROJECT where only a few stars are chosen from thousands of candidates.

A passionate journey of girls determine to prove themselves is shown in the series.

Source: Selection Project Official Twitter Account

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