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Seinfeld’s Netflix Special 23 hours to kill: The King is back!

To be honest, like Seinfeld says himself, the “difference between great and sucks is just that much,” and it’s the same with this special.

I personally think he’s trying to be a philosopher for the common man by using our daily actions and explaining how to react or not to. He’s very observant as the best comedian around ought to be, and the show in totality is quite well-knit.

Jerry Seinfeld 23 hours to kill
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23 Hours to Kill Review

He starts with a few jokes on getting to the venue, about the tickets and annoying close friends, everything that his fans post the millennial bracket would totally relate to.

He’s quite self-deprecating and gets his enormous wealth out of the way to help his audience relate to him and moves on to about how easily great things can turn into something that suck. [ Honestly, this topic was handled much better by Ronny Cheing in his Netflix special — Asian Comedian destroys America.]

Next up are a few gags on Buffets, which are a good laugh but also make you think about how severe eating disorders actually can be.. he even has another gag on pop tarts which in his hilarious way hits home at the point of how unhealthy they are!

Watch Trailer Here:

Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill | Official Trailer | Netflix

Up next is his gag on our obsession with our iPhone and mainly how we just can’t handle our battery dying and being disconnected. I suppose as a person in his sixties now he can relate to life before technology took control of us and the freedom and security people had, fascinating stuff.

He moves on to the obsession with texting and how people now prefer not interacting in person and only via texts or emails.

Another millennial obsession, which leads to the anxiety of the three dots telling us that the other person is typing and pique our interest to what may be their reply? “The picture bully” he mentions in this phone related gag is an observation he describes to perfection.

Then comes a small gag on the U.S. postal service, and its fab! One of the tightest in the first half of the show. His gags on pointless phrases and public toilets, especially the box ones, truly hit the spot and cracked me up.

Now things pick up and the magic of Seinfeld as we now it starts to shine.

He gives us a small look into his world and what he’s been experiencing in life himself, especially how he deals with life in his 60’s followed by being married.

23 hours to kill netflix
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A Marriage Laughathon!

This is what we’ve been waiting for the last 40 odd mins. I’m not giving any spoilers for this –- just watch all of it…about 40 odd mins into the show.

How he describes fighting with his wife, fighting on holidays, fighting over nothing and everything, and not to forget fighting over “His tone.” Well, it’s brilliant!

“How did you acclimate? How did you procreate and cohabitate, learning to accommodate – so as not to aggravate…?” Answering this is a sure shot to surviving your marriage!

His next gag is on his kids, a small bit on golf, the dressing sense of men after they get married, and movie theatres all brought a smile to my face, as one would expect by such a legend.

Worth a watch –- if you find it slow, just jump up to about 40 mins, and you will be floored.

If you don’t know Seinfeld

Everyone who’s ever been interested in American standup comedy has been told Seinfeld’s is the best.

” Seinfeld is a legend…Oh my god, you haven’t seen Seinfeld, you are missing out. “

Also, another very common judge of character would be the quiz — F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Seinfeld? Only the cool guys got Seinfeld’s eccentric humor; all the yuppies watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

And then suddenly everyone was watcheing Seinfeld, and his show became the most-watched show on American Tv in the ’90s! Then we all heard about how he made a million dollars an episode and off late you may have heard of him for his other Netflix special – with comedians in cars.

Or That he’s a Billionaire and perhaps one of the wealthiest people in show biz.

Do check him out! start with his 1998 stand up special “I’m Telling You for the Last Time” perhaps the greatest stand up set ever!

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