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SDF Novel Trilogy Inspires Manga Adaptation By Kiiro Yumi

Kiiro Yumi, the mangaka who adapted the famous series, Library Wars (by Hiro Arikawa), is back with another manga adaptation.

The new manga will be a fiction inspired by the Self Defense Forces of Japan.

Hiro Arikawa’s novels explore the complex relationship between people. Her previous works have been quite unique in the field, as they were inspired by historical events.

The October issue of LaLa magazine revealed that Kiiro Yumi will launch a new manga based on the SDF trilogy by Hiro Arikawa.

More information about the manga will be released by the magazine soon.

Arikawa’s SDF trilogy is divided into the following sections:

  • City of Salt (Shio no Machi)
  • In the Sky (Sora no Naka)
  • Bottom of the Sea (Umi no Soko)

The Self Defense Forces are separated into the army, navy, and air forces. The three parts of the novel trilogy, focus on each of these forces.

Each of the three parts of the trilogy deals with people who have to face a crisis.

Ranging from a story of two people developing feelings for each other in a disrupted society to an investigation about the mysterious air crash, this novel has it all.

Yumi’s previous work was the manga adaptation of Hiro Arikawa’s Library War series. Library Wars is a science fiction novel series, and its manga adaptation was serialized from 2007-2014 in the LaLa magazine.

All 15 volumes of the manga were published by Viz Media under the name Library Wars: Love and War.

The Library Wars: Love and War Bessatsu-hen manga was launched by Yumi in 2015 and ended in the October 2020 issue of the LaLa magazine.

Library Wars also inspired an anime series and a live-action series. A film sequel of the series was also launched in 2015 in Japan.

SDF Novel Trilogy Inspires Manga Adaptation By Kiiro Yumi
Umi no Soko | Source: Amazon

The Library Wars series was inspired by the historical “Statement on Intellectual Freedom in Librarie” act in Japan. The SDF series might also be based on Article 9 (post World War 2), which forbade Japan from possessing an army.

About SDF Trilogy

The novel trilogy by Hiro Arikawa are divided into three parts: City of Salt, In the Sky, and Bottom of the Sea.

It is a fiction based on the Self Defence Forces of Japan. It is being adapted into a manga by Kiiro Yumi.

The City of Salt portrays the relationship of Akiba and Mana, both of whom live in Tokyo, in a disrupted society. Through their ups and downs, they become closer.

In The Sky investigates the mysterious air crashes and the SDF pilot who trie to find out what is causing them.

Bottom Of The Sea shows an attack on the Yokosuka city by huge Crustaceans. Police try to rescue the citizens. Can the city be protected?

Source: October issue of LaLa magazine

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