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Science SARU Confirms ‘Kimi no Iro’ Anime Film’s 2023 Debut

Naoko Yamada is a magician making complex and sensitive films heavy on emotions. She recently revealed she’s been working on a new project with Science SARU but didn’t explain what.

Knowing Yamada, fans theorized that it would be another movie filled with a lot of sentiment, and it turns out we were right.

Science SARU has revealed that the new anime film project with Naoko Yamada is titled ‘Kimi no Iro’ (Your Color) and is slated for fall 2023. The company also revealed a teaser trailer with the movie’s plot.

“Kimi no Iro” Super Teaser PV

The film will follow Totsuko, a girl who can see the ‘colors’ of people’s emotions. She attends a school in Nagasaki and helps her family and friends through difficult situations.

Since Totsuko can see the colors indicating a person’s feelings, she can support her loved ones by doing whatever she can. Totsuko protects her family and friends from dark feelings, reads the situation, and even lies a little to make peace.

One day she goes to an antique bookshop in the town and meets a beautiful woman glowing with mesmerizing colors and a music-loving boy. These three go on to put a band together by bringing their unique skills and sensitivity.

In addition, the teaser also revealed that Story Inc. is credited as the planner and producer, with Reiko Yoshida in charge of scripts and Kensuke Ushio working on the music.

Considering how Naoko has given us masterpieces like A Silent Voice and The Heike Story, this one will be no less than spectacular.

It already looks like the movie will make us cry a lot, so have your tissues ready.

About Kimi no Iro

Kimi no Iro (Your Color) is an upcoming anime feature film by Naoko Yamada and Science SARU. It is slated to premiere in fall 2023.

The story follows a high school girl in Nagasaki named Totsuko who can see the ‘colors’ of a person’s emotions. With this ability, she helps and protects her family and friends from dark feelings.

One day at an antique bookshop at the corner of the town, Totsuko meets a woman with beautiful colors and a music-loving boy. Together, these three form a band by bringing their feelings and sensitivity together.

Source: TOHO’s Official YouTube Channel

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