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Saikyo Kamizmode, New Anime Project Announced by BANDAI

A new anime by the name of Saikyo Kamizmode! has been announced by BANDAI. A new official website and Twitter account have been opened for the upcoming anime.

Saikyo Kamizmode, New Anime Announced!
Saikyo Kamizmode

Information on the Saikyo Kamizmode anime will be revealed for the first time on the BANDAI x BN Pictures Festival which will be held on 10th August 2020. The festival will start at 18:00 JST.

The BANDAI x BN Pictures Festival is a presentation ceremony of three original productions by Bandai Card Division and Bandai Namco Pictures:

  • Aikatsu! series, new project
  • Battle Spirits: Valley of Kakumei
  • Saikyo Kamizmode

Apart from the latest information on the new projects, the festival will also have performances by Japanese idol group members scheduled.

Idol Shiori Tamai, actress Sayaka Akimoto, Narumi Tamaki, and more will appear in the show. It will be broadcast over Youtube, LINE LIVE, and Bandai Channel.

Saikyo Kamizmode is a new anime by CARDDASS. The official website of the anime features pictures of humanoid robots, much resembling the concept of Gundam.

A human boy in pink hair seems to be the protagonist of the plot. The website describes the anime as new content, which attracts the audience with “sumo” × “music.” However, it is still too early to guess the plot without any official announcement.

Saikyo Kamizmode, New Anime  Announced!
Saikyo Kamizmode | Source: Reddit

More detailed information about performances and productions will be provided in late July.

About Saikyo Kamizmode

Saikyo Kamizmode is a new upcoming anime by CARDDASS. It is an original anime, and detailed information on it will be revealed in the BANDAI x BN Pictures Festival 2020.

The anime includes humanoid robot forms as protagonists. It has a “sumo” × “music” concept.

Source: Official website of Saikyo Kamizmode

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