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Robert Downey Jr. To Produce The Bond

Robert Downey Jr. is taking on the role of executive producer on the new wildlife series on Discovery, The Bond. The recently greenlit series also has the actor’s wife Susan Downey and Emily Ford Barclay from Team Downey serving as executive producers.

Self-professed animal lovers, the executive producers are delighted to be a part of a series that highlights the relationship between human beings and animals all around the world.

Robert Downey Jr. is currently producing the very positively-received period drama Perry Mason on HBO.

The Bond will be helmed by Glen Zipper, co-author of the novel Devastation Class and creator of the docu-series Dogs on Netflix. The four-part series will air on the cable channel Discovery.

Will you tune in to the new wildlife show?

About The Bond:

With the coronavirus pandemic stalling all productions, it is difficult to say when The Bond will come to television. There are several restrictions on travel and tourism which will be an obstacle for the show since it aims to highlight human-animal relationships throughout the globe.

Informed guesses suggest that the wildlife series will air on the Discovery channel in late 2021, possibly November-December.

The Bond is an intimate look at the relationship human beings share with animals that are not domesticated. Even amidst a tense power struggle between man and wildlife, they form a symbiotic and often crucial alliance with one another.

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