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Relive a New Side of These Famous Stars in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix Special ‘Hollywood’

For all the cinema buffs, here is a list of all the people picked up from the real world of 1950s Hollywood in the latest Netflix series on Tinsel Town.

The limited series, created and produced by Ryan Murphy, may have received a lukewarm response from critics but has been in discussion for its huge star-studded cast.

The series’ cast is a good mix of real and imagined characters from the post-World War II era. Then there are those named differently but based on real-life people from the past.

If you were wondering who these real-life stars were, we bring you a list of all the Hollywood personas the series has borrowed.

Anna May Wong

The first Asian-American star of Hollywood, Anna May Wong, was born in California’s Chinatown in 1905. She has often been side-lined by more notable American heroines like Vivian Leigh, Ava Gartner, and Katherine Hepburn.

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Even during her time as a movie star, Wong was stereotyped either as The Dragon Lady or a fetishized seductress in line with the exotic Asian woman trope of the times. Her notable pictures included Shanghai Express, Piccadilly, and Daughter of the Dragon.

The series reimagines her past by giving her a legacy of fame and rewards, the kind she deserved, but never received. However, it also touches on how Wong was refused the lead role of an Asian woman in The Good Earth. She’s seen battling a drinking problem brought on by the racism of the industry.

Everett Collection

As the first Black person to ever win an Oscar, Hattie McDaniel had a rather tough past. She was stereotyped into her Oscar-winning role as a servant in Gone With The Wind and criticized for continuing to accept such roles following the award.

However, the cheeky actress famously responded to the criticism, “I’d rather play a maid and make $700 a week than be a maid and make $7.”

Meanwhile, the series has Queen Latifah play McDaniel and explores the former’s romantic relationship with actress Tallulah Bankhead.

Rock Hudson

Considered one of the biggest stars of his time, Hudson made a name for himself with roles in films like Pillow Talk, Giant, and Come September.

The series, however, chooses to depict his secret sexuality in a more idealistic world where Hudson comes out as a star and lives with his partner.

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Picking depicts Hudson as he comes out during his years in Hollywood’s spotlight and conducts a same-sex relationship despite the fear of social persecution.

Vivien Leigh

The British stage and film star Vivien Leigh was known for roles in films like A Streetcar Named Desire and Gone with the Wind. Her role as Scarlett O’Hara had especially made her a household name. She was married to famed director Laurence Olivier for 20 years.


However, the series looks at Vivian’s struggle of living with a Bipolar Disorder. She is played by the beautiful Katie McGuiness and appears in at least two of Hollywood’s episodes.

Henry Wilson

This American talent agent represented various clients of the Tinsel Town, including greats like Rock Hudson and Robert Wagner.

Playing talent agent Henry Willson is Jim Parson of the Big Bang Theory fame. In a tribute to Willson’s sneaky real-life persona, Parsons is portrayed as a ruthless agent who threatens to out Hudson as gay even before the actor does it himself.


Tallulah Bankhead

Appearing in several of Hollywood’s Golden Age Films including Lifeboat, A Royal Scandal, and The Trap, Tallulah’s first role dates as far back as 1918.

Portrayed by Paget Brewster, Bankhead’s story in the series focuses on the actor’s relations with several industry names. In the series, her romance with Hattie McDaniel is explored.

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