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Queen Of The South: Molly Burnett Promoted To Series Regular

Queen Of The South is undergoing an update in its cast for the fifth season of the show. Molly Burnett, who appeared as a recurring character in the first four seasons of the USA Network drama, is being promoted to a series regular in the new season.

The series revolves around Teresa Mendoza, who gets on the bad side of a Mexican drug cartel and has to cross the border to the United States to save her life. There, she builds an empire of her own.

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Molly Burnett as Kelly Anne Van Awken | Source: IMDb

Molly Burnett plays Kelly Anne, a Dallas socialite who makes her way into Teresa’s inner circle. She had developed a cocaine addiction in season four but by the end of the season, she had found sobriety and became an important member of the Mendoza cartel.

On March 14th, 2020, production for the fifth season was paused indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Does the update in the cast hint that filming for season five has resumed?

It certainly seems so. Series producer David Friendly and showrunner Dailyn Rodriguez have confirmed that they are scheduled to go back to the location and restart production any day, through Twitter. It has been predicted that the fifth season will drop in early 2021 and it won’t come any sooner.

Queen Of The South-news
Peter Gadiot as James Valdez in Queen Of The South | Source: IMDb

Season four of Queen Of South ended in a massive cliffhanger – Peter Gadiot, who plays James Valdez on the show, returned unexpectedly in the finale. The viewers had last seen him in the third season when he broke up with Teresa to work with the DEA so that he could keep her out of prison. But his return was not a happy occasion – shot and bleeding out, James had an ominous message for Teresa: “They’re coming for you.”

It remains to be seen who ‘they’ are. It is also uncertain whether James will be able to make it through his injury. As some hawk-eyed fans have found out, a flashforward of Alice’s fate in the drug empire in the first season does not include the burly ex-sergeant.

Alice Braga and Hemky Madera are set to reprise their role as Alice Braga and Pote Galvez in season five. Molly Burnett and Peter Gadiot will also return to the new season.

No premiere date has been announced by the network yet.

Catch up on the first four seasons of Queen Of South before the fifth one drops. All four seasons are available to stream on Netflix.

Are you excited about the fifth season of Queen Of The South?

About Queen Of The South:

Queen Of The South revolves around Teresa Mendoza, a poor girl from Mexico, who falls in love with a member of a drug cartel and gets involved in the world of narcotics. When her boyfriend is killed, she flees to the United States and establishes her own drug cartel.

Queen Of The South is based on the telenovela La Reina del Sur, which is adapted from the book of the same name by Arturo Perez-Reverte.

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