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Puraore!~PRIDE OF ORANGE~ Sports Anime Releasing Oct 2021

Be it friendship, teamwork or hard work, sports anime are always there to teach us the best life lessons.

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The upcoming “Puraore!~PRIDE OF ORANGE~” anime is also one such anime that will not only teach you about the sport- ice hockey, but will also show you the sheer perseverance of the characters.

Mixed media project’s Puraore!~PRIDE OF ORANGE~ anime is set to premiere in October 2021 and new PV and Visuals are released for all the excited fans.

【PV】プラオレ!アニメPV 第1弾
Promotional Video of Puraore! PRIDE OF ORANGE

The PV introduces the characters Manaka, Yu, Ayaka, Riko, Naomi, Kaoruko, and Mami and gives brief details about them. The PV also reveals the anime’s October release.

Puraore!~PRIDE OF ORANGE~ Sports Anime Releasing Oct 2021
Puraore! PRIDE OF ORANGE Visual | Source: Official Website

The visual poster gives the first look into the 7 protagonist characters of the upcoming ice hockey anime. The girls are shown cheerfully smiling at each other.

The cast for the anime includes:

CharactersCastsOther Works
ManakaRiku Masuda
YuSatomi Hongo
AyakaMayu SagaraMoe (Warlords of Sigrdrifa)
RikoSaika KitamoriNatsumi (DOGEZA: I Tried Asking While Kowtowing)
NaomiAsuka Shiori
KaorukoYurika Moriyama
MamiYoshino AoyamaLinmei (Deca-Dence)

And the crew includes:

DepartmentNamesOther Works
DirectorTakebumi AnzaiHitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu
StudioC2CHarukana Receive
Character DesignKii TanakaHinomaru Sumo
CompositionYohei KisaraLove Live! School idol project, Idolls!

The anime will be produced by the joint collaboration between CyberAgent and DMM Games. The two developers plan to launch a mobile game in 2021 to promote the upcoming anime.

The anime’s official website describes the story as–

“Dream Monkeys is a Nikko based Ice Hockey team where upon the director’s invitation the girls join Dream Monkeys and later Yu, a former ice hockey player, is urged to join as well.

The girls bond over friendship and work to make their team known worldwide while also depending on each other and trusting each other.”

Official Description

This mixed media project will not only promote the sport ice hockey. But also delve into the world of women in sports and show their side of the spectrum just like Iwa Kakeru did for the world of women in climbing sports.

We can’t wait to see how this anime turns out and how much it changes the sports perspective from an all-boys team to an all-girls one.

About Puraore! PRIDE OF ORANGE

Puraore!~PRIDE OF ORANGE~ is an upcoming sport based anime. In collaboration with DMM Games, CyberAgent will be producing this ice hockey anime.

The anime tells the story of 7 hockey playing girls who will do their very best to make their team Dream Monkeys known to the world while also strengthening their friendship and bond along the way.

The anime is slated to release in October 2021, but before its release, a mobile game will be launched to promote the franchise.

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