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Prison School’s Author Announces Next Work: An Unexpected Rom-Com Manga

You might know Akira Hiramoto from Prison School, the no-nonsense perverted manga. This time, the author has decided to change the game and publish a rom-com.

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Although this is unexpected from Akira-sensei, I’m looking forward to the spin he puts on it. His previous works like RaW Hero and Me and the Devil Blues are packed with twists, which have made the manga unputdownable.

Prison School's Author Announces Next Work: An Unexpected Rom-Com Manga
Prison School | Source: IMDb

Akira Hiramoto’s next manga is untitled as of now, but it will be launched in March 2022. The upcoming series will be a “traditional romantic comedy,” but I doubt how much of that is true.

The January issue of Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Magazine carried the splendid news. The new manga will be published in the same magazine.

From perverted comedy to psychological stories, Akira-sensei has created a diverse range of tales, each better than the previous. Thus, I am expecting a heartwarming rom-com from the next series.

It might be tagged as a traditional rom-com, but considering Hiramoto’s previous titles, it is hard to imagine a straightforward manga like this. I do not doubt that there will be a turn of events somewhere in between.

Prison School's Author Announces Next Work: An Unexpected Rom-Com Manga
Prison School | Source: Netflix

Fanservice-filled manga are also the author’s style (and so is mine). It is entirely possible that the manga will focus on some other assets with a hint of romance.

Only time will tell the real nature of the new series, while I desperately hope for the next season of Prison School anime. Despite RaW Hero earning quite some otaku points, I am still longing for another glimpse of his masterpiece series.

About Prison School

The Prison School manga by Akira Hiramoto was released in the Weekly Young Magazine from 2011 to 2017. It also has an anime adaptation by J. C. Staff.

Hachimitsu Academy, a strict women’s school has started enrolling boys. Only five boys have taken admission with dreams to have a personal harem, only for those dreams to be smashed on day one.

Little did they know that their peeping would be punished with actual imprisonment. The manga covers the comic and perverted account of the boys trying to break free.

Source: January issue of Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Magazine

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