Play Rocket League for Free from September 23

Whenever you’re bored of playing soccer as Messi and Ronaldo in FIFA, Rocket League comes into action to spice things up for you.

Now imagine FIFA but replace Messi and Ronaldo with boisterous and enrapturing cars. That’s Rocket League for you!

In this fantasy world of soccer, a wide range of automobiles go toe to toe against one another by utilizing all kinds of acrobatic shots and stupendous skills to emerge victorious and get the winning points.

Rocket League offers a competitive and addictive sport/action gameplay. Consequently, you’ll enjoy scoring goals as much as you enjoy annihilating the enemy’s car. To sum it up: Rocket League is a perfect recipe for entertainment.

Rocket League for Free from September 23
Rocket League
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In July, it was announced by developer Psyonix that Rocket League will be made free to play and will be available on Epic Games Store sometime this summer.

After months of waiting, enthusiasts can finally let their hair down!

Psyonix has revealed that from September 23, Rocket League will be free-to-play on Epic Games Store. This means that the game will be omitted from Steam.

If anyone owns the Steam copy, do not panic. Psyonix clarified that the Steam version will receive “full support for future updates and features.” 

Going forward, the developing studio also disclosed that a new update of Rocket League will be released today, that is September 16.

“That update will allow players to link their platforms to their Epic accounts to enable cross-platform progression, grant long-time players their legacy items, and enter Rocket League into Epic’s Support A Creator program.”

Rocket League Announcement

Every Rocket League fan around the globe must be in the seventh heaven now!

Other updates and improvements to be housed by the games are:

  • New Bot difficulty 
  • New Merc Hitbox
  • Rocket League X Monstercat Remixes
  • Updated Menu
  • Changes to Achievements
  • New Quick Chats
  • Heatseeker in Private Matches
  • Larger item pool for Trade Ups
  • Solo Standard removed

On top of that Epic will give a $10 dollar discount coupon to anyone who installs Rocket League within the first month of its release. This coupon can further be used on DLCs and games that Epic Games Store has to offer.

This is a time for everyone to show their smart side. Even if Rocket League’s not your kind of game, it’s better to include it in your library and use that lovely coupon for some other game.

Rocket League for Free from September 23
Rocket League
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With Epic offering a bunch of great deals to gamers, it remains to be seen how rivals like Steam will respond and counteract to maintain their stature in the gaming world.

About Rocket League

Rocket League is a soccer game where players utilize lightning-fast, “rocket-powered” cars to score goals and win the match for their team. Owing to its fast-paced gameplay and uncomplicated controls, soccer fans or not, its a delight for every gamer out there.

Even though, the game revolves around cars, a great level of soccer detail is added which makes Rocket League captivating to enthusiasts. A wide array of cars and movements are also offered. The cherry on top is that the cars are customizable. Thus, as per one’s inclination, personal touch can be added to the game.

This sports arcade game also provides a cross-platform multiplayer experience so that consoles and PC gamers can unite and play together. This makes Rocket League a highly addicting game further justifying the positive feedback received by it throughout the world.

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