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One-Punch Man Live-Action Movie Release Date Announced By Sony!

Sony has confirmed that a new live-action One Punch Man is under development; it will be produced by Avi Arad, who also worked on Marvel comics.

Let’s take a look at One Punch Man Movie release date and production details.

1. One Punch Man Release Date

One Punch Man movie will release in 2021 since this would be a high-budget movie. It could even take more time. No date has been announced so far though.

If any new news is released, updates will start rolling out, so stay tuned to epicdope!

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2. One Punch Man Movie Production Details

Rosenberg and Pinker, who worked on the likes of Venom, Jumanji, and Spider-Man 2, will be working on the script. The comedic aspects of One Punch Man might be a little challenging to adapt that into a live-action movie. 

Anime live-action movies have a history of not performing to the standards of the main anime series like Dragon Ball Evolution and Ghost in The Shell. Let’s see how the One Punch Man movie turns out.

3. One Punch Man Movie Plot

Saitama will continue knocking out enemies with just one punch. It could center around one enemy, but this would be a traditional approach and wouldn’t work so well for One Punch Man.

It might take away from the anime, and Saitama will have several antagonists.

So there is a ton of distinction when anime takes things to Hollywood, and it, for the most part, doesn’t wind up well. Fans have just voiced out their reactions that this won’t work out in the right way.

Yet, since the film is coming, in any case, let us hold on to perceive how this will go. Even though the odds are that there probably won’t be the same number of shocks since we have seen how the story goes.

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