OMITB S2: How is Alice connected to Bunny’s murder?

Oliver has been confident that his party game of Son of Sam always sniffs out the liar. But S2 E5 tells us that Oliver’s trick may have failed twice—first in the past when he caught Teddy lying but did not uncover the gravity of the truth.

Then in the present, when he figures out that although Alice was lying about herself, she did not have the Son of Sam card.

However, at the end of the episode, we see the card stashed away in her purse—thereby not clearing her of suspicion. Does this point to Alice being the killer? Is she connected to Bunny in some way? 

As Alice has been keen on establishing herself in the art world, she may have wanted to acquire Bunny’s painting and contacted her for the same. It is also possible that she stole the Rose Cooper painting from Bunny’s apartment.

Although I don’t want to credit Jan for any help in solving Bunny’s murder, she does make an important point that the crime scene indicates that the killer could be an artistic type of person who is toying with Mabel, Charles, and Oliver.

OMITB S2: How is Alice connected to Bunny’s murder?
Only Murders in the Builders

Now this immediately gets our sensors buzzing about Alice, a literal artist who has walked into Mabel’s life and has shown considerable interest in the Rose Cooper painting.

Except, I don’t think Alice is the killer.

First of all, it’s too early in the season to have a viable prime suspect. Reading Alice as the killer is playing into the Teddy Dimas ploy all over again. Like Teddy, she may be involved in something shady but it does not include murdering Bunny.

I know that at the end of Ep 5, the Son of Sam card appearing in Alice’s bag makes it seem like she’s a suspect, but I do think it’s a red herring.

What I think happened is that Alice is the one who was bugging Bunny with the phone calls—the same ones where Bunny says she doesn’t want to sell off her painting.

Alice has already revealed that coming from a relatively poorer, uninfluential background, she had to do all that she could to climb the art scene. Perhaps, illegally acquiring the painting could’ve stemmed from that desperation. We have to remember that the original painting is still missing.

OMITB S2: How is Alice connected to Bunny’s murder?
Only Murders in the Building

I think that Alice may have stolen the painting after she heard about Bunny’s death, assuming that no one knew its value or/and would miss it. This may be a second breach of trust between her and Mabel, when the latter finds out that Alice knew more than she was letting on about Bunny’s murder and the painting.

If this theory is entirely wrong, there is a possibility that Alice could be a killer with motivations that are yet to be revealed in future episodes.

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