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North-American Anime Release Schedule: July 26 – August 1

A lot of material that debuts in Japan doesn’t leave its borders. So otakus outside Japan are always on the lookout for the release of Blu-ray disks of their favorite anime, digital, and print versions of anticipated manga and digital release of anime-inspired games.

North-American Anime Release Schedule
Barakmon | Source: Funimation

Going through multiple sources and Twitter accounts to know about these releases tends to become tiresome after a while, and you end up missing out on a couple of titles.

We at Epicdope are here to make it a little easier for you to find everything you’re looking for, in this post.

Anime Releases

TitlePublisherSuggested Retail PriceDate
Detective Conan – Episode One: The Great Detective Turned Small BDDiscotek MediaUS$29.95Jul-28
Demon City Shinjuku BDDiscotek MediaUS$29.95Jul-28
Eiken BDMedia BlastersUS$19.99Jul-31
Galaxy Express 999 TV Series Collection 2 BDDiscotek MediaUS$69.95Jul-28
Love Hina Again BDDiscotek MediaUS$19.95Jul-28
Medabots Season 2 BDDiscotek MediaUS$39.95Jul-28
O Maidens in Your Savage Season BDSentai FilmworksUS$69.98Jul-28
Revue Starlight Premium Box Set BDSentai FilmworksUS$149.98Jul-28

The Following mangas will receive their English print release:

TitlePublisherSuggested Retail PriceDate
BL Metamorphosis Graphic Novel (GN) 2Seven Seas EntertainmentUS$12.99Jul-28
High-rise Invasion Omnibus GN 7Seven Seas EntertainmentUS$19.99Jul-28
Hi-Score Girl GN 3Square Enix MangaUS$12.99Jul-28
Kingdom of Z GN 1Seven Seas EntertainmentUS$12.99Jul-28
The King of Fighters: A New Beginning GN 3Seven Seas EntertainmentUS$12.99Jul-28
Little Devils GN 4Seven Seas EntertainmentUS$12.99Jul-28
Soul Eater Perfect Edition GN 1 (hardcover)Square Enix MangaUS$19.99Jul-28
Yuzu the Pet Vet GN 2Kodansha ComicsUS$10.99Jul-28

The following mangas will receive an English release digitally.

TitlePublisherSuggested Retail PriceDate
Abe-kun’s Got Me Now! GN 2Kodansha ComicsUS$10.99Jul-28
Altair: A Record of Battles GN 20Kodansha ComicsUS$10.99Jul-28
Bakemonogatari GN 5VerticalUS$7.99Jul-28
Barakamon GN 18+1Yen PressUS$6.99Jul-28
BL Metamorphosis GN 2Seven Seas EntertainmentUS$9.99Jul-28
Boarding School Juliet GN 16Kodansha ComicsUS$10.99Jul-28
Cells at Work! Baby GN 1Kodansha ComicsUS$10.99Jul-28
City GN 9Kodansha ComicsUS$7.99Jul-28
DAYS GN 19Kodansha ComicsUS$10.99Jul-28
Dolly Kill Kill GN 4Kodansha ComicsUS$10.99Jul-28
Farewell, My Dear Cramer GN 11Kodansha ComicsUS$10.99Jul-28
GE – Good Ending GN 7Kodansha ComicsUS$10.99Jul-28
Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One GN 5 (adult)Yen PressUS$6.99Jul-28
Hayate the Combat Butler GN 11-12Viz MediaUS$6.99 eachJul-28
Hell Warden Higuma GN 3Viz MediaUS$6.99Jul-28
The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious GN 2Yen PressUS$6.99Jul-28
High-rise Invasion GN 13-14Seven Seas EntertainmentUS$9.99 eachJul-28
How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom GN 4J-Novel ClubUS$8.99Jul-29
I Fell in Love After School GN 6Kodansha ComicsUS$10.99Jul-28
I Want to Hold Aono-kun so Badly I Could Die GN 6Kodansha ComicsUS$10.99Jul-28
Kakafukaka GN 10Kodansha ComicsUS$10.99Jul-28
Kakushigoto: My Dad’s Secret Ambition GN 5Kodansha ComicsUS$10.99Jul-28
Kingdom of Z GN 1Seven Seas EntertainmentUS$9.99Jul-28
The King of Fighters: A New Beginning GN 3Seven Seas EntertainmentUS$9.99Jul-28
Little Devils GN 4Seven Seas EntertainmentUS$9.99Jul-28
MabuSasa GN 4Kodansha ComicsUS$10.99Jul-28
My Room Is a Dungeon Rest Stop GN 3Seven Seas EntertainmentUS$9.99Jul-28
ne0;lation GN 3Viz MediaUS$6.99Jul-28
RIN-NE GN 9-10Viz MediaUS$6.99 eachJul-28
Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts GN 10Yen PressUS$6.99Jul-28
Saint Young Men GN 7Kodansha ComicsUS$10.99Jul-28
Sue & Tai-chan GN 1Kodansha ComicsUS$10.99Jul-28
That Blue Summer GN 7Kodansha ComicsUS$10.99Jul-28
Watari-kun’s ****** Is about to Collapse GN 8Kodansha ComicsUS$10.99Jul-28
When We Shout for Love GN 2Kodansha ComicsUS$10.99Jul-28
Witchcraft Works GN 14VerticalUS$7.99Jul-28

The following light novels will receive their English printed release

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TitlePublisherSuggested Retail PriceDate
Magic-User: Reborn in Another World as a Max Level Wizard Novel 2Seven Seas EntertainmentUS$14.99Jul-28
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Novel 6Seven Seas EntertainmentUS$13.99Jul-28

These light novels will receive their English release digitally.

TitlePublisherSuggested Retail PriceDate
Bibliophile Princess Novel 3J-Novel ClubUS$6.99Jul-28
Cooking with Wild Game Novel 8J-Novel ClubUS$6.99Aug-01

These following games will receive their English release in North America.

TitlePublisherSuggested Retail PriceDate
Fairy Tale PS4, Switch, PC GameKOEI Tecmo AmericaUS$59.99Jul-31
Megadimension Neptunia VII Switch GameIdeal Factory InternationalUS$29.99Jul-28
Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxiboost ON PS4 GameBandai Namco Entertainment AmericaUS$59.99Jul-30
Yakuza KiwamiSegaUS$19.99Jul-30

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers The Art of Reflection -Histories Forsaken- Artbook will be released on July 28 by Square Enix Books.

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