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Ninja Collection Anime will have 13 Episodes, July 13 Release

The horror genre has always been trending among otakus. The grotesque character designs, terrifying jump scares, and spine chilling storyline of these animes leave fans on the edge at all times.

Another, Corpse Party: Tortured Souls and Shiki are well-known titles in the horror genre of animes. These stories have preyed upon their fans’ sleep and peace of mind for years.

Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories spinoff Ninja Collection revealed 13 episodes.
Kimizawa, Fukasawa, Kazuki and Ryoshiro | Source: Ninja Collection

Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories has been a long-running horror TV show that began in July 2013. The series has completed six seasons, with its latest season concluding on September 30, 2019.

Japanese Ghost Stories featured short episodes about different tales based on myths and urban legends of Japanese origin. These episodes were animated to mimic the kamishibai method of story-telling to make them more authentic.

Yamishibai announced in June 2020 that its spinoff series titled “Ninja Collection” will begin broadcasting from July 12.

The official website for Ninja Collection revealed yesterday that the series would contain 13 episodes. This was followed by news announcing that information about monsters are updated on the website.

The new page about monsters within the anime revealed information about only one of the characters within the anime while keeping the rest of the character cards hidden.

Animeteleto’s official website had previously announced that Ninja Collection will be released at Adere from 12:00 on Sunday, July 5, 2020, one week ahead of terrestrial broadcasting.

The cast of the spinoff series includes:

  • Kimizawa Yuuki
  • Fukasawa Taiga
  • Kazuki Soejima
  • Ryoshiro Tsuji
  • Ikeda
  • Suzuki Shien
  • Nanase Taku
  • Shingo Kogaya
  • Masahira Yamazaki
  • Hirayama Dai
  • Akari Nakamura (Rainbow Conquistador)
  • Ayaka Ota
  • Mita Moeuka
  • MoeMi
  • Masai Sawai
  • Ponzu
  • Sae Izumi
  • Sachiko Nakagome

Ninja Collection is being directed by Akira Funada, who is also producing the series. It is a joint project of Studio ILCA, DRAWIZ, Toho Interactive Animation with Acupoint Asano working on the character designs. Ninja Collection will also feature Backdrop Cinderella’s Dancing Unzaunza with sneaky feet as its ending theme.

Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories spinoff Ninja Collection revealed 13 episodes.
Ninja Collection Cover

Fans can catch the new episodes of Ninja Collection at Animeteleto’s official website.

About Ninja Collection

Ninja Collection is a spinoff series of the long-running Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories anime.

The anime is set in modern-day Tokyo and revolves around a group of ninjas called “Toukeshuu”. These shinobis have only one mission, to stop the spread of “darkness” that prevails in the world. To fight the darkness, members of the Toukeshuu use ancient techniques passed down through generations.

Source: Official Website

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