Nicole Curtis Returns with Rehab Addict Rescue in 2021

Home renovator Nicole Curtis is coming back to HGTV in the new year with Rehab Addict Rescue, a brand-new series about the restoration of houses. In a press release, the HGTV cable network announced that it had picked up the show for a six-episode first season, which will premiere sometime in early 2021.

Curtis is no stranger to restoring vintage homes on television. She began her job as a preservationist in Rehab Addict, a DIY original which moved to HGTV during its fourth season. In the show, she focuses on pre-World War II homes and restores them to their former glory instead of modernizing them. Since then, she has worked on houses in Michigan, Minnesota and Ohio.  

Rehab Addict stopped airing in late 2018 and Rehab Addict Rescue is a spin-off of the popular series. While the main focus of this show will still be the restoration of vintage houses, Curtis will have more of a challenge as she will have to redesign the daunting renovations of mentor families in their own homes.

If you are excited about the new home makeovers that Curtis will plan, be sure to check out the premiere of Rehab Addict Rescue on January 28th, 2021, at 9 pm on HGTV.

Will you watch Rehab Addict Rescue? Are you a fan of Nicole Curtis?

About Rehab Addict Rescue

Rehab Rescue Addict is an upcoming show on HGTV, which will focus on preservationist Nicole Curtis as she attempts to redesign the unwanted renovations of mentor families in their own vintage homes. Her renovations will include basic repairs like electrical wiring, updated plumbing and cosmetic changes too.

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