New Shaman King Anime Announces Cast For Horohoro And Kororo

The New Shaman King anime series has announced more cast members for the rebooted version of the anime. With the new series, fans of the anime will be able to relive the story again and find out the actual ending of the manga version.

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With a diverse range of characters from multiple backgrounds and histories, the series is well-received by fans and is like a walk down memory lane for most.

The official website for the New Shaman King series revealed two new cast members for the upcoming anime. The anime will premiere on TV Tokyo and its affiliate channels in April.

The two new cast members are:

CharacterCastOther Works
KororoMegumi NakajimaRanka Lee (Macross Frontier)
HorohoroYuji UedaAdashino-sensei (Mushishi)
New Shaman King Anime Announces Cast For Horohoro & Kororo
Kororo And Horohoro | Source: Fandom

Fans of the series will be able to recognize the voices of most of the characters; only a few characters have received new voice actors.

Both Megumi Nakajima and Yuji Ueda have commented on the upcoming anime.

According to Ueda, Shaman King’s appeal is the endless story of love and affection in the series. “It has so many OVAs, Spinoffs, and sequels that one can’t help but want to dive into the abyss.”

Megumi Nakajima stated that the series shows “strength and provides timeless humor and comfort.”

Yuji Ueda is returning from the original 2001 anime series to voice Horohoro. However, his partner, Kororro, is getting a new voice actor. Nana Mizuki was the initial cast of Kororo.

Yoko Hikasa is also replacing Yuko Sato for the role of Yoh Asakura, the main protagonist of the series.

The original Shaman King manga was first serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1998. It abruptly ended in 2004, and a “true ending” was later published in 2009.

About Shaman King

Shaman King is a manga written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei. It began serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump from June 30, 1998.

New Shaman King Anime Announces Cast For Horohoro & Kororo
Manta Oyamada | Source: Fandom

The series received an abrupt end on August 30, 2004, leaving fans disappointed.

The manga received a reprint in 2009 to give its fans the true ending to the series. It also received an adaptation by studio Xebec in 2001 that was directed by Seiji Mizushima.

It introduces us to a world of shamans. These Shamans are powerful beings who can see and communicate with spirits, ghosts, and gods.

Once in 500 years, a prestigious tournament called The Shaman Fight is organized, and the winner gets to shape the world in his image with the aid of the great spirits.

The story revolves around Manta Oyamada, who has a chance encounter with You Asakura that completely changes his life.

Asakura aims to become the Shaman King, aided by Manta and his 600-year-old samurai friend Amidamaru. They set out to fulfill You’s dream.

Source: Official Website of Shaman King

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