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Netflix Premieres B: The Beginning Succession Anime In 2021

Netflix has been taking some bold steps recently to include anime in its lineup.

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The second season of B The Beginning is the next anime announced by Netflix along with four other new anime projects.

Anime has been successfully breaking stereotypes of being “children’s cartoons” and reaching more audiences worldwide. In this era of competing streaming websites, it is no wonder that Netflix is trying to seal the deal with anime.

Netflix announced that the B: The Beginning anime will receive a second season titled B: The Beginning Succession. It will debut in 2021. The staff of the anime have been revealed.

Netflix Premieres B: The Beginning
B: The Beginning | Source: IMDb

Studio Production I. G. is animating the second season of B: The Beginning. The main cast of the anime from the first season will be reprising their roles.

The Staff Of The Anime Includes

PositionStaffOther Works
CreatorKazuto NakazawaParasite Dolls
DirectorItsuro KawasakiCardfight!! Vanguard G NEXT
Series CompositionKatsunari Ishida 
Character DesignerAkane Yano; Hideoki KusamaAnd you thought there is never a girl online?; Grand Blue Dreaming

Plot of B: The Beginning Succession

The plot of B: The Beginning Succession starts after the first season. Keith and Koku have finally solved the mystery of the ‘killer B,’ and the crime rates have plummeted.

Cremona is finally experiencing peace. While Keith is leading his own investigation at the RIS, Koku is living with Yuna.

Kirisame is a childhood friend of Koku from Jaula Blance. He had supposedly died while trying to save Koku from the attack. However, he returns to meet Koku to take him down personally.

Netflix Premieres B: The Beginning
B: The Beginning | Source: Fandom

The first season of B: The Beginning was released by Production I. G. on Netflix in 2018. Both Nakazawa and Production I. G. are the original creators of the series.

Anime Limited acquired the rights to the anime for streaming in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The BluRay and DVD versions of the anime was released in North America on 6th October 2020.

About B: The Beginning

B: The Beginning is an original net anime created by Production I. G. and Kazuto Nakazawa. It premiered on Netflix in March 2018.

The story is set in Cremona, an archipelagic nation in a world powered by advanced technology, crime, and action. Kokou is the protagonist, while Keith is the legendary investigator of the Royal Police Service (RIS).

A mysterious criminal organization. A wild race for the notorious serial killer, Killer B. In this city of chaos, Keith and Kokou try to meet their objectives as their paths intervene.

Source: Netflix Anime Festival October 2020

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