Heartwarming Romance Anime ‘My Happy Marriage’ Greenlit for Season 2

There are a lot of romance anime filled with harem elements, fan service, and comedy, but when it comes to ‘My Happy Marriage’ it is in a league of its own—a sight for sore eyes, awash in wonder, imagination, ease, and hope.

In the finale episode, Miyo, with the help of her dream sight, brings Kiyoka back to his conscious self, and we see our favorite couple together once again, leaving fans wanting for more. And well, we have some exciting news for you guys.

On Thursday, the official Twitter account for the television anime of writer Akumi Agitogi and illustrator Tsukiho Tsukioka’s My Happy Marriage light novel series announced that the anime is getting a second season.


Main cast members Reina Ueda (Miyo) and Kaito Ishikawa (Kiyoka) shared the announcement in an English-subtitled video. In the video, both leads share their experiences as to how they see their characters.

Furthermore, they talk about what happiness means in a marriage, and Kaitao explains that overcoming difficulties with your significant other is in itself one of the many forms of happiness that a marriage brings.

The staff also unveiled a visual for the announcement:

TV anime “#My Happy Marriage”
2nd season production decided



English Translation, Twitter Translate

Series artist Tsukioka drew an illustration to commemorate the announcement:

Heartwarming Romance Anime ‘My Happy Marriage’ Greenlit for Season 2
Celebratory Illustration for Season 2 | Source: Comic Natalie

Also, it is very likely that the main staff and cast of the anime will make their return for season 2.

No air date has been given for the upcoming season, but at least we can officially look forward to a treasure trove of stories just waiting to be told.

There are four volumes of the manga and eight of the novels on which the anime is based, so there’s plenty left to adapt for the anime fans.

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About My Happy Marriage

My Happy Marriage(Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon) is a romance and fantasy light novel series written by Akumi Agitogi and illustrated by Tsukiho Tsukioka. Fujimi Shobo publishes the series under its Fujimi L Bunko imprint since January 2019.

It follows a Cinderella-like plot with the protagonist Miyo being treated like a servant by her family and her being married off to the cold and ruthless military commander, Kiyoka Kudou. Over time, Miyo discovers that Kudou is actually a warm and kind-hearted gentleman while getting over her insecurities and building up her damaged self-esteem.


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