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Music Anime, Show By Rock!! Stars!!, Premieres In January 2021

Show By Rock!! emerged as a mobile rhythm game in 2013. Sanrio, the company which is most popular for designing kawaii characters, participated in developing the game.

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Show by Rock!! Stars!! is the fourth anime series adaptation of the game.

Based in a world where music is power, Show By Rock!! is a mix of isekai, fantasy, and comedy genres.

In this unknown world, music is the weapon that destroys as well as maintains peace. The objective is to reign in the music world and maintain peace in the city.

The official website of Show by Rock!! Stars!! announced that the new anime will be released in January 2021. A new trailer for the Show by Rock!! Stars!! anime has also been released.

【21年1月新番】TVアニメ「SHOW BY ROCK!!STARS!!」ティザーPV
Show By Rock!! Stars!! PV

The anime will be aired on Tokyo MX, BS Fuji, and Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

The trailer shows the Mashumairesh!!! band visiting Midi City. The band, Mashumairesh!!!, was featured in Show by Rock!! Mashumairesh!!, the third anime series of the franchise.

Midi City is the place where the first two seasons of the anime took place.

Cyan, the original protagonist of the series from the band Plasmagica, can also be seen in the trailer.

We can expect some cute interactions between the major bands. No new bands will be featured in this series.

Music Anime, Show By Rock!! Stars!!, Premieres
Cyan Hijirikawa | Source: Funimation

The music for the Show by Rock!! Stars!! series is being composed by Yasuhara Takanashi, Akiya Suzuki, and Funta7.

It is being produced by studio Kinema Citrus (Bottom Biting Bug). The first three seasons of the series were produced by Sanrio.

The voice cast from the previous seasons of the series will reprise their roles. The staff of the anime includes:

PositionStaffOther Works
Chief DirectorTakahiro IkezoeSword Gai: The Animation
DirectorDaigo YamagishiYuruyuri
Character DesignerTomokatsu NagasakuFate/Grand Order: Moonlight
Series ScriptTouko MachidaMaesetsu!

About Show by Rock!!

Show by Rock!! is a mobile rhythm game, which was later adapted into anime series. Currently, it has three anime seasons to its name with an upcoming 4th one. The anime has also been adapted into a few ONAs.

Cyan Hijirikawa is a high schooler who gets transported to the world of a rhythm game that she was playing.

In this world, the ones who can control music can control the world. Cyan joins the band, Plasmagica.

She performs with her band while trying to know the secrets behind the monsters in this world and how to go back into her own world.

Source: Official website of Show by Rock!! Stars!!

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