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Mewkledreamy Coming Back: Anime to Resume Broadcasting in May

During these distressing times when one anime after another is getting canceled, fans are yearning to get their favorites back on track. Some of the few anime which do manage to air are getting a warm welcome.

According to a tweet by the official account of Mewkledreamy, the anime series will resume airing on 31st May. The anime’s previous episodes were being re-broadcasted due to limited production during the pandemic.

Everyone who watched Episode 4 “Another Dreamy Mate?”

Thank you very much

Apply for the ending dance

Deadline is tomorrow (5/25)

Next week (5/31) We will deliver 5 episodes “Kotokoto Koto Koto”

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Sanrio’s Mewkledreamy is a character based franchise which also debuted as an anime on 5th April 2020 soon after which the episodes got delayed.

The delay in the latest episodes was announced on 3rd May. The show had to re-broadcast the previous episodes of 1-4. The anime aired on all TXN stations in Japan. The 5th episode Kotoko and Kotokoto, will be aired soon.

Sanrio’s Mewkledreamy also has a manga adaptation which was published in Kodansha magazines Otomodachi and Tanoshii Yōchien on February 1st.

About Mewkledreamy

Mewkledreamy started off as a toy franchise but it soon hit the big screens as an anime. The anime revolves around a high spirited middle school girl, Yume who picks up a toy which fell from the sky.

This light-violet coloured plushie called Mew can talk and has special powers. Mew possesses an ability called “Dream Synchro” by which it can enter dreams along with Yume. Both Mew and Yume become fast friends and start collecting ‘dreamy stones’. These stones when gathered can grant a wish of Yume.

Mewkledreamy Coming Back: Anime to Resume Broadcasting in May

Hiraoki Sakurai directs the anime under studio J. C Staff. Mai Furuki does the character design. The theme songs “Mirai Kuru Kuru Yume Kururu!” and “Tokimeki Collector” are performed by Maria Sawada.

Fans are excited about the next episode after the long break the anime was on. We hope the production procedure can finish safely keeping in mind the health of the staff.

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