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Medici The Magnificent S3: Stroll Through Italian History With Netflix

Even as Italy has been in the news for all the wrong reasons during the corona epidemic, here is a Netflix series rediscovering the magnificent history of the land of Michelangelo and Botticelli.

The series Medici The Magnificent, first released in 2016, is an ode to the 15th Century Renaissance King of Florence. He fathered most of the city’s art and architecture that standstill today.

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For the travel and history bluffs stuck at home this quarantine, here’s something for you to live off of. Medici was primarily filmed in Florence, at historical landmarks such as the Duomo, Basilica of San Lorenzo, Piazza del Bargello and Palazzo Vecchio, the palace where the Medici once lived.

Who was Medici The Magnificent?

Lorenzo de’ Medici was barely out of his teens when he rose to power as the de facto ruler of Florence. He was a patron of the arts, taking legends like Michelangelo under his wing and commissioning works from Botticelli.

It is Lorenzo’s influence that can be seen most across the city today and is still known as Medici The Magnificent.

Lorenzo was the heir of the House of Medici, a family that rose to prominence as a bankers to the Pope. The Medici were patrons of architecture and art during the Italian Renaissance, as well as champions of scientific advancement even as a strict religious rule often curtailed such activities.

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“It’s a Hollywood story, and I was surprised it had never been told before in this way,” Daniel Sharman, who plays Lorenzo, told the Culture Trip. “There really aren’t that many places in the world where you can go around and be in the houses that these people actually lived in. He had a hand in building the places we are sat in right now.”

What’s in for us in Season 3?

The eight-part final series sees Lorenzo (Sharman) as the undisputed leader of Florence and the first man in history to unite economy, culture, and politics in one great vision. Under his rule, Florence is put in the very center of Europe.

However, after losing his brother to a tragic ‘Pazzi Conspiracy’, he is troubled and seeking revenge.

He soon distant from his faith and sees himself as the only one that can save the family and his beloved city.

Medici: The Magnificent throws light on the power of art and beauty as driving forces of the Medici rule

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When does it arrive?

The third and final season of Medici has already been released in Italy on the Rai Network in December 2019.

But it hits Netflix on May 1, 2020, for fans around the world to enjoy.

Despite being criticized for some historical inaccuracies, the series had up to 8 million viewers tune in for the first episode.

Front & Behind the Camera

The series stars Daniel Sharman (Fear The Walking Dead), Synnøve Karlsen (Clique), Sarah Parish (Bancroft), Annabel Scholey (The Split), John Lynch (Tin Star), Rose Williams (Sanditon), Toby Regbo (The Last Kingdom) among others.

The majority of the original cast for the first two seasons will be returning for the third installment of Medici: The Magnificent.


Notable Hollywood heavyweights such as Sean Bean (Games of Thrones, GoldenEye) plays the role of scheming aristocrat, Jacopo Pazzi.

There will be a host of new faces joining the cast also, such as Johnny Harris (This is England ’86, Snow White, Troy) as Bruno Bernardi, and Jack Roth (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story).

Directed by Christian Duguay, Medici: The Magnificent is created by Frank Spotnitz and Nicholas Meyer, with James Dormer as head writer. Medici is produced by Big Light Productions Ltd and Lux Vide in collaboration with Rai Fiction and Altice Group.

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