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Masayoshi Oishi Creates Original Animated Music Video, “Kamiari Algorithm”

Masayoshi Oishi, the singer-turned anime creator, has just launched his own anime creation!

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Oishi is famous for his theme songs for anime like Overlord and Kemono Friends, but his dive into the world of animation production seems to have attracted much attention.

A visual for an upcoming anime project was released by Oishi in early February, and all of us were shocked to know that he has shouldered the responsibility of an anime. Our concerns were proven wrong as Oishi has passed with flying colors.

An animated music video has been posted by Masayoshi Oishi on Youtube! The song’s title is “Kamiari Algorithm (feat. Riria).”

オーイシマサヨシ - 神或アルゴリズム (feat.りりあ。)[Official Video]
Masayoshi Oishi ‐ Kamiari Algorithm (feat.Riria.)[Official Video]

The music video features an original storyline where the two protagonists meet in a futuristic world.

Both of them go to a festival where they enjoy candied apples and beautiful fireworks. However, their bond is under a threat to be severed.

“Kamiari zuki” is the month when all the Japanese deities gather at Izumo. During this time, the Gods tie “en,” which are said to be threads that connect people to one another. “En musubi” refer to such ties created by the Gods.

The song says that the two people were destined to meet since it was decided by the Gods, and it is their fate.

God or algorithm (feat. Riria.) ⛩ [Official Video] [Delivery link]

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The vocals of Oishi and Riria give the animated music video its life. Their soulful voices tangle to create an energetic song.

Sae Okamoto has directed the anime and came up with the character designs. Studio TriF has animated the music video.

Okamoto has previously directed anime like Mecha-Ude and Kyoshin to Hyoka no Shiro. Studio TriF had animated Mecha-Ude.

Masayoshi Oishi’s first anime theme song was “Go Exceed!!” for Ace of Diamond. The OP, “Yokosei Japari he,” for Kemono Friends earned him quite some fame.

His next projects are for the upcoming anime, Dragon Goes House-Hunting, and SSSS.Dynazenon.

Source: Masayoshi Oishi Twitter

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