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Manga PLUS Creates A New Official Discord Server!

Manga and anime are stepping out of their thresholds! They have reached every part of the world from Japan and fans truly support its growth. Manga Plus has now decided to amp up the fan bonding.

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As manga and anime grow, fans are slowly reaching out to different mediums to connect with each other. There are sites that are used to discuss favorite anime or the latest manga chapters.

Manga PLUS Creates A New Official Discord Server!
Jujutsu Kaisen | Source: Viz Media

A tweet by @WSJ_Manga has just announced that the Manga PLUS app has now joined Discord. The app has its own official Discord server now.

The official website of Manga PLUS contains the invite link to the server.

Discord emerged as a platform for gamers to have a discussion but it later on extended to other users as well. Discord provides servers where people can join and discuss a certain topic. These servers can have further subdivisions in them as well.

It is basically a live chat platform. However, it is also used by people to connect with like-minded people or communicate with fans.

A lot of manga fans discuss plot points, recent updates, or theories on Reddit or other platforms. As Manga PLUS has joined Discord, fans can now group together and have a live discussion there.

Manga PLUS Creates A New Official Discord Server!
Demon Slayer | Source: Viz Media

New announcements for manga series can also be posted there. Fans can get an opportunity to show their overflowing excitement on the Discord server of their favorite manga app.

Different channels can be created for different mangas to create an organized chatroom.

The only downside to it? Spoilers from fans who have already read raw scans!

Source: Official website of Manga PLUS

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