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A-1 Pictures’ Original Anime Lycoris Recoil Based on Two Schoolgirls

Original anime has got to be the most beautiful yet most frustrating type of anime. Why’s that, you ask?

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Because you’re introduced to a brand new world through them, but you can never guess what it’s about or even read a manga to know what happens next.

While they sometimes make me pull my hair out, I still happen to be a huge fan of original anime, and A-1 Pictures have given me another one to be excited about.

A-1 Pictures have announced a new original anime Lycoris Recoil scheduled for a 2022 release.

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“Licoris Recoil”

2022 ON AIR

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The teaser starts with Chisato and Takina’s line art, which transitions into a full anime-like visual. Chisato has a lively expression on her face as she drags a lost and bewildered Takina with her.

Both of them look like middle schoolers with polar opposite personalities. Even their looks are nothing alike, with Chisato having short blonde hair and Takina having long black hair.

While Chisato looks lively and friendly, Takina looks equally shy, introverted, and quiet. This proves that their bond is superior because who doesn’t like the ‘opposites attract’ trope?

A-1 Pictures' Original Anime Lycoris Recoil Based on Two Schoolgirls
Lycoris Recoil | Source: Crunchyroll

The franchise also revealed the cast for these two girls, and we have it here for you:

CharacterCast Other Works
Chisato NishikigiChika AnzaiBarbara (The Promised Neverland)
Takina InoueShion Wakayama Sawa Echizen (Farewell, My Dear Cramer)

Moreover, the primary staff that will be working on the anime was also revealed:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorShingo AdachiSword Art Online
Original StoryAsauraPhantom in the Twilight
Character DesignImigimuruThis Art Club Has a Problem!
Animation ProductionA-1 PicturesBlack Butler 

I’m looking forward to what the anime has in store for us. It seems like a nice slice of life, but it could be something more.

To be honest, the anime teaser is giving me major yuri vibes, and I’m excited to see how that turns out. Are they really friends, or is this a beautiful love story? I can’t wait to find out!

Source: Lycoris Recoil Official Website

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