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‘Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible’ to be Released in 2023

Being invisible might sound like a cool superpower to have, but that’s not the case with Junta from Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible.

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Junta suffers from a severe lack of presence to the point where people can’t seem to notice him even though he’s standing right in front of them. How is Junta supposed to live out his youth in such conditions? With the help of Kubo-san, the only person who never fails to spot him.

This unique rom-com anime, Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible, has confirmed its premiere in 2023 with an adorable promotional video.

TVアニメ『久保さんは僕を許さない』 第1弾PV
TV anime “Kubo-san won’t forgive me” 1st PV

The trailer features Junta going about his day when Kubo interrupts him and peeks into his phone. In his monologue, Junta mentions how he doesn’t have much presence and that Kubo-san is the only one who notices him.

However, this attention is far from romantic as Kubo loves teasing Junta by giving him dares and tasks to test the extent of his invisibility. She often tells him to do unusual things during class to draw the attention of others, which sometimes ends up in a scolding from the teachers.

1st PV release

TV anime “Mr. Kubo won’t forgive me.”

The first PV has been released!

TVアニメ『久保さんは僕を許さない』 第1弾PV

The character voices of Mr. Kubo and Mr. Shiraishi have also been released for the first time!

In addition, the TV anime will be broadcast in 2023

Please look forward to it!


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The trailer also previews the main characters’ voices for the first time. Kana Hanazawa has done a brilliant job voicing Kubo by adding the perfect amount of mischief and charm to the character.

Meanwhile, Kengo Kawanishi accurately plays Junta’s character, who has a certain amount of mystery to him. Although Junta is someone with minimal presence, he still has a hint of an enigma that intrigues you.

Being a rom-com enthusiast, Kubo and Junta sound like a pair I do not want to miss out on.

Let’s try to spot Shiraishi-kun ourselves when the anime comes out!

About Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible is a manga by Nene Yukimori. It was first launched in the Weekly Young Jump magazine in October 2019. As of December 2022, eleven volumes have been released.

The series focuses on Junta Shiraishi whose presence is so negligible that no one notices him. He is basically ignored by almost everyone except his classmate, Kubo.

Kubo loves to tease him and occasionally makes him do weird things in class just to see if anyone would notice.

Source: Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Anime’s Official Twitter Account

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