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Komi Can’t Communicate Release Schedule in and outside Japan

Komi Can’t Communicate is the rom-com of the year, as many have been waiting for the anime to make its debut. The show has already started broadcasting in Japan, and the global audience will be able to enjoy it in no time.

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The story revolves around Shouko Komi, who suffers from extreme social anxiety, and Hitohito Tadano, who promises to help Komi overcome her issue. That’s how Hitohito becomes Komi’s first-ever friend.

While working towards overcoming her communication problems and making 100 friends, Komi eventually falls for Hitohito. Despite Hitohito being an average human, the beautiful yet awkward Komi couldn’t help but develop feelings for him.

Komi Can’t Communicate anime started broadcasting in Japan on October 7 with exclusive streaming on Netflix. The streaming platform will release the anime globally on October 21 with weekly new episodes.

Komi Can't Communicate | Main Trailer | Netflix Anime
Komi Can’t Communicate | Main Trailer | Netflix Anime

Netflix will be streaming the rom-com anime in over 190 countries, with the show being dubbed in eight languages and subtitled in 31 languages. The company revealed an English subtitled trailer for the same.

Moreover, the anime will have a selection broadcast on TV Tokyo’s Oha-Suta (“Good Morning Star”) children’s program from October 11.

Additional broadcast information

From 10/6, every Wednesday 25: 35-TV Osaka, 26: 05-TV Aichi will also broadcast

Also, from 10/11, a selection broadcast will be made every Monday and Tuesday within “OhaSuta” (TV Tokyo series, 7: 05 am).

Exclusive distribution on Netflix from 10/7 ❗

#Komisan #komisan (AS)

English Translation, Twitter Translate

I am sure more websites like Crunchyroll and Funimation will soon announce the dates they will be streaming the show.

For the Japanese premiere, the anime revealed a video for the opening theme called ‘Cinderella’ by Cidergirl.

TVアニメ『古見さんは、コミュ症です。』ノンクレジットOP 【サイダーガール「シンデレラ」】| 毎週水曜日24時~テレビ東京ほかにて放送中!
Animation「Komi can’t communicate」 Textless OP

The video is lively and colorful, with many symbols portraying the show’s theme and the characters’ personalities.

It starts with Komi-san dropping down from the sky into Hitohito’s school, which signifies that Komi is so enchanting that she is no less than an angel coming down from the heavens.

It also signifies that Komicame crash landing into Hitohito’s life and turned it upside-down. Komi is then shown in a colorless and gloomy setting, looking out of the window at other students and longing for friends.

Her surroundings are instantly filled with bright colors as Hitohito appears, showing how he became her first-ever friend. As more and more characters appear, Komi runs towards them as they play and enjoy and finally begins to smile.

With all this hype for the anime, I can’t wait for it to premiere worldwide. Right now, only the raw version of its first episode is available without any subtitles or dubbing.

But don’t worry, it’s just a few more days till we see the iconic blackboard scene between Komi and Hitohito and the start of Komi’s rollercoaster school life.

About Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi Can’t Communicate is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tomohito Oda.

It has been serialized in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shōnen Sunday since May 2016, with its chapters collected in twenty tankōbon volumes as of February 2021.

High school student Shoko Komi’s greatest dream is to make some friends, but everyone at school mistakes her crippling social anxiety for cool reserve!

With the whole student body keeping their distance and Komi unable to utter a single word, friendship might be forever beyond her reach

Source: Netflix Anime Official YouTube Channel

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