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What’s Your Secret? Kakushigoto Reveals Theatrical Film’s Trailer and Theme

One cannot be an ecchi mangaka and expect their young daughter to respect them for it. Kakushigoto’s protagonist, Kakushi, juggles being a great single dad to his daughter while producing ecchi manga to earn a living!

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Kakushigoto is one hilarious slice of life anime unique for the wordplay in each character’s name. The writer Kōji Kumeta has really thought this one through.

The franchise’s theatrical film, Kakushigoto: Himegoto wa Nan Desu ka (Kakushigoto: What is a Secret?), released a new trailer and a key visual yesterday on its website.

The movie will premiere on June 9, 2021.

✒️ Theatrical edition theme song and ending theme decision ✒️

The theme song is flumpool “Chiisanahibi”, a song that was well received in TV anime.
Eiichi Otaki’s “Kimi wa Tennen Color”, a masterpiece loved by a wide range of generations, has been decided as the ending theme.

Click here for the complete album containing both songs


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The visual shows Kakushi and his daughter Hime enjoying a pleasant day on a beach.

It also contains the picture of a DVD which will have the complete soundtrack of the movie.

映画 『劇場編集版 かくしごと ―ひめごとはなんですか―』本予告|2021年7月9日(金)公開

The trailer is a monologue of Hime’s feelings regarding her parents and how much she cares about her father. At the same time, her father tries his best to keep his work a secret from her.

The movie will be different from the anime TV series as this will reveal more about Hime’s mother, who wasn’t present in the show.

Other than this, the opening and ending theme songs of the movie were also revealed. Since the fans loved the themes that were used in the show, the creators decided to use the same for the film.

What's Your Secret? Kakushigoto Reveals Theatrical Film's Trailer & Theme
Kakushigoto | Source: Fandom

Therefore, ‘Chisana Hibi’ (Small Days) by flumpool and ‘Kimi wa Tennen Shoku’ (Your Natural Colours) by Eiichi Ohtaki will serve as the opening and ending themes of the film, respectively.

The news about the film adaptation was revealed in December 2020, and fans have been excited ever since!

We cannot wait to see what Hime’s mom looks like and what wordplay Kumeta came up with for her name. 

Will her name be something related to the word ‘secret’ like other Goto family members Kakushi and Hime, or will it be something else entirely??? 

We all know Kakushi keeps a big secret, but the surprise element is that Hime also keeps a secret from her dad. *suspense* 

Watch the show to find out!

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About Kakushigoto

Kakushigoto: My Dad’s Secret Ambition is a Japanese comedy manga series by Kōji Kumeta. It was serialized in Kodansha’s Monthly Shōnen Magazine from December 2015 to July 2020.

An anime television series adaptation by Ajia-do Animation Works aired from April to June 2020. An anime compilation film is set to premiere on July 9, 2021.

The manga can be summarized as a daily soap comedy based on the relationship between a father and his daughter.

The father is a manga artist who draws mature content and therefore tries to hide his work from his daughter because the truth might make her hate him.

Source: Kakushigoto Website

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