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Kaiketsu Zorori Season 2 Debuts in April 2021; New Visual Revealed

Kaiketsu Zorori is a children’s anime series that features a mischievous fox who goes on different adventures with his apprentices, Noshishi and Ishishi. The anime’s third series is getting a second season in 2021.

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Zorori is quite different from the typical heroes in children’s anime. Unlike other heroes, he does not have a righteous nature. His goal is to have a palace and a beautiful wife, and he wants to get them by hook or crook.

The official website of More! Seriously Unserious Incredible Zorori ( Motto! Majime ni Fumajime Kaiketsu Zorori) announced that a second season of the series will premiere in April 2021. It will air on NHK’s E-Tele channel.

A new visual for the second season is also revealed.

Kaiketsu Zorori Season 2 Debuts In April 2021; New Visual Revealed
Kaiketsu Zorori Visual | Source: Official Website

The visual shows Zorori and his rival Beat. Beat is a new character who was introduced in the Motto! Majime ni Fumajime Kaiketsu Zorori anime.

He is a hot-blooded and righteous character, the exact opposite of Zorori. Beat became Zorori’s rival after learning his real identity.

Motto! Majime ni Fumajime Kaiketsu Zorori aired the first episode of season 1 in April 2020. It went on a hiatus from 10th May to 28th June due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Episode 7 was released in July instead of May due to the delay. The last episode of the season aired on 8th November 2020.

The second season will not only contain episodes adapted from the popular stories in the manga but also original anime episodes. Season 1 also featured several original episodes.

About Kaiketsu Zorori

Kaiketsu Zorori started as a children’s book series by Yutaka Hara but later inspired numerous manga and anime.

Kaiketsu Zorori Season 2 Debuts In April 2021; New Visual Revealed
Kaiketsu Zorori | Source: Fandom

The main protagonist of Kaiketsu Zorori is Zorori, a mischievous fox who wants to become the King of Pranksters. He wants to marry a beautiful princess and build a huge castle to make his mother’s last wish come true.

Source: Official website of Kaiketsu Zorori

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