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Kaikai Kitan Singer, Eve, Collaborates with A-1 Pictures for New Animated Music Video

A-1 Pictures and animation filmmaker, Waboku are collaborating for a brand new animated music video project that is sure to interest you, especially after knowing who the singer is in the video.

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Animated music videos are a great way to test new animation techniques or a new anime studio or creator to start their careers.

The magic of such videos is that they are not just simple animations made to support the music, but instead, they have highly elaborate plots that serve as a perfect fit for the music.

Singer and songwriter, Eve, is cooperating with A-1 Pictures and Waboku for a new animated music video. The project is titled “Baten Kaitos,” and a short teaser is revealed for it.

Waboku × A-1 Pictures "BATEN KAITOS" ティザーPV
Short Teaser of Baten Kaitos

Eve is best known as the singer of Jujutsu Kaisen’s opening theme, Kaikai Kitan. I bet your ears perked up as soon as I mentioned the name Jujutsu Kaisen. Kaikai Kitan is a masterpiece, and that will make fans expect even more from “Baten Kaitos.”

The short teaser reveals glimpses of a world that is ridden with disasters. A tumultuous sea and haphazardly arranged objects are shown. A clock is ticking as a countdown to something mysterious.

A visual was also released for the music video last December.

The visual shows a skinny body of a person who is being guarded. The figure has chains on their leg thus establishing them as a prisoner. An all-over eerie vibe is established.

This is not the first time that Eve has worked with Waboku. They have previously collaborated on the music videos “Okinimesumama” and “Tokyo Ghetto.”

Eve has also performed the second ending theme for the anime Dororo and the theme songs of Ano no Secret, Bokura Mada Underground, and Ano Ko Secret.

Kaikai Kitan’s energetic and catchy melody is still stuck in our minds, and Baten Kaitos’s intro was sharp enough to catch our attention.

Source: Baten Kaitos Twitter

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