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Kadokawa Announces Gamera’s Comeback in a New Project

Gamera, the fire-breathing turtle monster, might not be as popular as Godzilla but still has a good hold over kaiju lovers. If Gamera had continued a regular supply of media featuring him, he would be giving Godzilla a run for its money right now.

We last saw Gamera in a full-length feature film in 2006 and the franchise’s 50th-anniversary short film in 2015. After seven long years, Kadokawa plans to bring this beloved kaiju back into our lives.

Kadokawa has revealed a new project titled ‘Gamera -Rebirth-‘ with a teaser video and visual. Netflix has gained streaming rights for it, but the format of this production remains unclear.

【特報映像】『GAMERA -Rebirth-』ガメラ、復活ーー。
Special video GAMERA -Rebirth Gamera is back!

The video features Gamera’s silhouette with a bright green light running up his body like he’s charging up or reawakening. It ends with showing Gamera’s fierce green-colored eye up close with the monster’s scary roar playing in the background.

Moreover, the franchise has also revealed a teaser visual from the project’s official Twitter handle. It features Gamera’s green lit-up silhouette and eye, as shown in the video.

From the looks of it, the production is most likely a 3D CGI animation, considering how detailed and realistic Gamera’s eyes look. This type of animation is often used in anime produced for international audiences.

Considering how Netflix has already acquired distribution rights, it will most likely be 3D CGI or something like ‘Arcane’ and ‘Cyberpunk 2077.’

Coming to its format, it will most likely be a series instead of a single installment. Kadokawa seems to be making a big deal out of this, so it is evident that the project will be spread across multiple parts.

The project’s scale figure will be displayed at the Tamashii Nation 2022 event from Friday to Sunday. Besides that, the visuals will also appear on some of Japan’s busiest and most popular billboards.

Kadokawa and Netflix might reveal more information about the project during these days. Till then, let us know what you think about this new Gamera venture.

About Gamera -Rebirth-

Gamera -Rebirth- is an upcoming project by Kadokawa featuring the fire-breathing turtle monster, Gamera. The work will stream worldwide on Netflix.

It will follow the giant flying turtle daikaiju, Gamera, created by Daiei that first appeared in the 1965 film Gamera.


Source: Official Twitter

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