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Judge Judy Coming Back To Television Soon

America’s favorite judge on television, Judge Judy, will be coming back to screens with a new show very soon. Judy Sheindlin’s syndicated show, which has been airing on CBS for the past 25 years, is coming to an end in 2021. She had announced that she was already working on another courtroom reality show called Judy Justice. Now IMDb TV has announced that they are teaming up with the lawyer/reality tv personality for a yet to be named courtroom series.

It is unclear whether Judy Justice is the same show and that has now disposed of its name, or if it is a brand-new show. Regardless, Judge Judy will adjudicate disputes in a new court and entertain fans, now through Amazon’s free streaming service.

Judge Judy-news
Judge Judy | Source: IMDb

When Judge Judy first premiered on CBS in 1996, it was received with a phenomenal response. Judy Sheindlin was an already established family lawyer in the Manhattan Family Court and was known for being kind, just and empathetic. During its run, the show won three Daytime Emmy awards and made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest-running courtroom reality series.

However, Judge Judy’s popularity made a rapid decline in later years. Although the viewership numbers were still high, many said that she had lost her empathy, patience and justness, qualities which are especially necessary for a family court judge whose litigants represent themselves.

Judge Judy-news
Joseph Wapner in The People’s Court | Source: IMDb

Longtime reality tv personality and judge Joseph Wapner of The People’s Court attacked Judge Judy’s and questioned the credibility of her character. He said that no judge behaves how she behaved with the litigants and called her ‘a disgrace.’

Jude Judy also ran into many controversies and lawsuits of its own leading the viewers to realize that the show is much more of a reality television sham than it wants them to believe.

Hopefully, the new show will do a better job of tackling the issues that led to Judge Judy’s decline.

No premiere date for the show has been announced by Amazon.

Did you watch Judge Judy? Will you watch the new show?

About Judge Judy

Judge Judy is an arbitration-based reality show, where New York family court judge Judy Sheindlin resolves small claims cases. The cases mainly range from jilted lovers to disputes between neighbors and friends.

Judge Judy premiered on CBS on September 16th, 1996. It is the longest-running courtroom reality show in television history.


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