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Josee The Tiger And The Fish Reveals Preview Video and Guest Cast

Josee, the Tiger and the Fish is a 2003 film that is receiving an anime film adaptation in 2020. Josee is physically unable to walk and her world is quite different from others of her age.

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Tsuneo is hired to take care of her but they have a tumultuous relationship. The initial film received a great deal of appreciation from its audience.

The storytelling is indeed beautiful and we cannot wait for the magic that an anime adaptation would add to it.

The official website of Josee, the Tiger and the Fish has released a preview video for the upcoming anime film. It is a short one minute video.

The anime film will premiere in Japanese theatres on 25th December.

Josee The Tiger And The Fish Short Video

The video shows the quarrel between Josee and Tsuneo as Josee tried to shove him away at first. However, she slowly opens up to him and tells him about her dream of going to visit the ocean.

She feels that if it is Tsuneo then he will definitely fulfil her wish. Tsuneo on his part tries his hardest to support her. The distance between dreams and reality is a vast one and they both try to close the gap between each other.

The insert song, Shinkai, by Eve is also revealed for the first time in the preview. Eve also works on the theme song of the film, Ao no Waltz.

Josee The Tiger And The Fish Reveals Preview Video
Josee The Tiger And The Fish | Source: Official Website

Shintaro Moriyama and Lily from the comedy group, Mitorizu will be joining the cast as guest voice actors. Moriyama will be voicing Nishida, the diving shop manager. Lily will play a train station attendant.

The anime film was initially scheduled for release in mid-2020. However, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused a delay in the release date and it is now pushed to December.

About Josee, the Tiger and the Fish

Adapted from the novel by Seiko Tanabe, Josee the Tiger, and the Fish is an anime film by Studio Bones.

The story revolves around Tsuneo, a highschool student, and Josee, who can barely ever go outside due to her inability to walk.

They meet when Tsuneo saves Josee from falling from a slope. He is then hired to take care of her, but they never got along.

Amid all these fights and interactions, the distance between them slowly decreased, and Josee decided to experience the outside world with Tsuneo.

Source: Official website of Josee, the Tiger and the Fish

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