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‘Dropkick on My Devil!’ OVA Gets Funded Within 35 Minutes

Dropkick on My Devil! was one of the top anime this year and came as a surprise as fans thought the show couldn’t continue with the production.

The anime has relied primarily on crowdfunding to produce its episodes, so it’s never clear when or if we’ll get a new season. As if this uncertainty wasn’t enough, production took a huge blow recently when Furano City denied them the collected funds this month.

In an attempt to get things working again, the franchise set up a crowdfunding project for ‘Dropkick on My Devil!’ anime’s OVA episodes. 

Surprisingly, many people supported the show, and the campaign met its initial goal of 30 million yen (approx. US$215,000) within 35 minutes.

[Breaking News] #Yakami-chan Dropkick Exceeded 30 million yen in 35 minutes from the start of crowdfunding! Animation sequel (OVA) production decision! Thank you so much!

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The campaign was launched yesterday, November 30, 2022, and will end on January 13, 2023. As of now, the project has raised 45,468,534 yen (approx. US$335,472) and aims to collect more as the crowdfunding goes on.

Mangaka Yukiwo had stated that for every 30 million yen collected, he would produce a new OVA episode. The campaign’s long-term goal is to raise enough funds to create a fourth season for the anime, which will take time.

The OVA episode funded through the current collection is slated for December 2025 as the production takes a long time. In addition, backers of certain tiers in the crowdfunding will receive the anime on Blu-ray disks.

‘Dropkick on My Devil!' OVA Gets Funded Within 35 Minutes
Jashin-chan | Source: Fandom

Since the OVA is an original story, there’s no way of knowing what Yukiwo has planned for it. Yukiwo is known for meddling with dark comedy and playing with controversial themes, which was the main reason they lost the Furano City funding.

I’m sure the mangaka won’t make this mistake again in the coming episodes and will maintain its charm regardless. However, there’s a huge possibility that Yukiwo will go deeper into dark comedy themes, given how the anime is getting funding from fans who like that.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is confirmed that the gags and banter of Yurine and Jashin-chan are not ending anytime soon.

We may have to wait for a long time while the production takes place and funds are collected, but the show is worth the wait for fans.

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About Dropkick on My Devil!

Dropkick on My Devil! is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yukiwo. The series began serialization in Flex Comix’s Comic Meteor web magazine in April 2012. An anime series was adapted in 2018.

A witch and student named Yurine Hanazono summons Jashin, a lamia from hell. Jashin cannot return to hell by herself so she tries to either kill Yurine(although being unsuccessful every time) or spend the day with her and other beings from Hell and Heaven.

Source: Official Twitter and Crowdfund Campaign

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