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Is Spy x Family manga Worth Reading?

The manga Spy X Family is a manga series being serialized for free on the Shonen Jump+ website. Since its inception in March 2019, it has quickly risen in popularity and has been nominated for multiple awards like the Kodansha Manga Award and the 24th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award.

The missions of this weird family composed of a spy, a mind reader, and an assassin are interesting and fun to watch. It comes packed with humor, plot twists, and violence that blend together well. The manga is ongoing and is set to become one of the most popular mangas, as evidenced by the circulation of 800000 copies.

1. Article Highlights

The manga exemplifies moments of sheer delight where we see the humorous, cute antics of the little child of the Forger Family, Anya Forger. However, it can also quickly turn dark and serious in a second.

Spy x Family manga - Complete Review
Spy x Family

Every mission or episode is equipped with a range of intense and sneaky scenes where the “father” of the Forger Family, Twilight, completes tough missions easily. His wit and precision with which he does his job serve to add flavor to the entire plot.

Read on to help you decide if this is a manga worth reading!

2. Is it worth reading?

This manga is totally worth reading. Its skillful combination of comical elements with issues of family, underground spy work and fight scenes will get you hooked to the show right from the start.

I. Plot

The plot of the manga Spy X Family focuses on the “missions” of the male protagonist Loid Folger aka Twilight. He decides to create a fake family by adopting a daughter and marrying a woman. He does all this to create the perfect cover for a spy.

However, the catch is that his daughter and wife have their own secrets. His daughter is a mind reader who acquired the ability due to experiments conducted on her. His wife is also a trained assassin.

Is Spy x Family manga Worth Reading?
Spy x Family

The plot progresses at a definite steady pace that does not overwhelm you. Also, every chapter is packed to the brim with new exciting adventures of the “family.” The reader will be stormed with a lot of things so much so that s/he won’t have the time to be bored.

The plot is slightly reminiscent of the hugely popular James Bond “007” franchise. Both James Bond and “Twilight” are handsome, charming, witty, and fight really well. Also, the fact that his “child” used to be referred to as subject no. 007, during her times at the laboratory, hints at that.

II. Characters

Each of the main characters stands out for their unique backstories, personalities, and abilities. However, while each character is drastically different from each other, they also complement each other really well. All of them imitate a real family in humorous and relatable ways.

The pasts of all the characters are explored in-depth and help us identify with them. In fact, this aids in helping us love the story more.

Is Spy x Family manga Worth Reading?
Spy x Family

The tragic past of “Twilight” is highlighted, which helps us understand why he became a spy, i.e. creating a world where children won’t cry. In the first two episodes, he struggles in a dilemma between adopting Anya as his child or leaving her in an orphanage again. In the midst of that, he realizes his true purpose and reasons as to why he originally became a spy.

The complexities of his relationship with Anya, his “daughter” helped cement my love for the manga series for its remarkably realistic portrayal. The comical ways in which Anya’s moods and expressions are highlighted act as comic reliefs and add depth to the plot.

III. Art

The art style of the manga series is not a unique. But this is not to say that the style is bad or unsatisfying. Its art style is brilliantly done and helps compliment the narrative and the characters.

Is Spy x Family manga Worth Reading?
Spy x Family

The European style architecture and clothing are beautifully highlighted. They serve as the perfect backdrop for the plot to transpire.

3. Final Thoughts

One might wonder how a mere Japanese manga series will contribute something new to the genre with so many Hollywood Spy movies like John Wick or James Bond. However, the manga series Spy X Family has many unique elements that designate it as something different and worthy to watch.

Also, watching a movie and reading manga are completely different. The manga’s black and white coloring perfectly suit the plot. Let us also not forget the unique plot which explores human emotions within the family (even if it’s fake) while giving us action and thrillers.

I recommend this manga series for its brilliant plot and amazing visuals.

4. Grade

Spy x Family 4/5

Story: A+

Cinematography/Animation: A

Art: A-

5. Info Card

Spy x Family

Air Date: March 25, 2019-PresentStatus: On-GoingNo. of Seasons: 4No. of Episodes: 27

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