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Is Shironeko Project Worth Watching? A Complete Review

Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle (White Cat Project ZERO Chronicle) is an anime series that is relatively new and only started airing very recently in April 2020.

It is, to a large extent, based on the White Cat Project video game franchise, which secured the No.1 spot on Google Play Japan’s ranking within four days of release.

Such is its popularity that it inspired the creation of a manga and an anime. The anime is a fantasy adventure show that excites and engages the audience. With all this info, one wonders if it is worth watching. Head further below to get a comprehensive review of the anime.

1. Article Summary

The anime is a work in progress and it looks promising so far. It does quite a good job of highlighting certain moral dilemmas with apt metaphors and examples.

white cat project zero chronicle worth watching? complete review
Shironeko Project

The setting is very realistic, even though it is a fantasy anime. However, it is not totally unique. The sort of plot that is being explored in the Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle has been done many times.

2. Is it worth watching?

The anime is produced by Studio Project no.9. It is one of the many animes that are adapted from video games. The first episode of the anime premiered on TV on April 6, 2020. Hugely anticipated, it started off on a strong note.

I. Plot

The plot of the anime revolves around a legendary myth about two mythical figures: the White Maiden of the sky and the Black Prince of Darkness. While an intense conflict between the demons and guardians of light is ravaging the world, the Black Prince falls in love with the White Maiden.

They do so with the naive hope that their love will bring the meaningless war to an end. With this myth in the background, the entire plot takes place several centuries after this battle.

white cat project zero chronicle worth watching? complete review

The plot unravels itself at a steady pace while throwing light on many crucial elements that make it accessible. Also, it follows the typical Shonen format and features many intense battle scenes. Violence and murder are common if not rampant themes in almost every episode. The adrenaline-packed battle scenes are accentuated by the inclusion of flying dragons, elves and fascinating supernatural powers.

While the plot does not fail at piquing your interest, it bears a lot of resemblance to many anime shows that many of us would have watched.

The idea of a kingdom in the skies where people with supernatural powers reside is hardly a new one. However, the creators have been careful to add some spice to it to ensure it strikes out. This is evident in the whole series.

II. Character Development

The male protagonist is your typical Shonen male protagonist, who is prone to passionate bursts of emotions and has a definite purpose. He works sincerely and passionately to improve his fighting skills and become stronger.

He changes from a helpless young boy who watches his entire village get massacred to someone with a purpose: to bring happiness by becoming the King of Darkness. This charting of the transformation of his character is a revitalizing one to watch.

Shironeko Project Trailer

The character of the Queen of Light is also memorable. She does not falter at making sure that she gives her best to protect her kingdom and her people from the dark forces. Her unfaltering hope and optimism keep the series and her kingdom from stagnating.

The other characters that are a part of the show also contribute to the development of the show in their own ways. The man in armor that the Prince of Darkness in the first episode meets also helps the protagonist rise from just being angry at the world to decide to take action to improve.

III. Visuals and Art

The visuals are impeccable. The magical setting of the plot is realistically portrayed brilliantly. The contrast between two worlds – the sky and the earth, are portrayed well.

The fight scenes are also improved by the addition of many impressive colours of powers into the scenes. However, the art style of the characters is not as impressive, unfortunately.

IV. Themes

The main underlying theme that operates in the anime is the battle between good and evil. However, the anime does not really tell us which side is bad as both sides have good people who genuinely strive for peace and happiness.

It is a touching account of people who don’t stop dreaming for a utopian world without conflicts and violence, no matter how hard it may seem.

V. Theme Music/Songs

The theme songs are pretty fine and complement the narration.

3. Final Thoughts

Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle offers a good experience with its visuals, elaborate world creation, and fight scenes. However, I personally found it lacking refinement in much of the plot development.

It lacked a certain smoothness and flow to the progression of the story. If you like fantasy adventure anime shows, this definitely won’t strike you as something special.

4. Grade

Shironeko Project 3/5

Story: B

Cinematography/Animation: A-

Art: A-

Music: B

5. Info Card

Shironeko Project

Air Date: April 6, 2020-PresentStatus: OngoingNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 12
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