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Is Noelle a Sea Goddess? – Connection to the Sea Guardian

After the Resurrection arc, the elves proved to be least of all problems when an even stronger foe presented itself. With the Devils’ introduction, Asta, Noelle, and the others will have to work a lot harder and get much stronger than before.

In the manga, while Tabata Sensei has skipped the six-month period in which the characters grow powerful, the anime will diverge from it to thoroughly explain and show the training they underwent.

After a couple of episodes following the struggles of Leopold Vermillion, episode 136, follows Noelle Silva. As one of the lead female characters, Tabata is bound to give her a massive power-up in order to fight against the Spade Kingdom.

However, something peculiar happened in episode 136 – not only did we see Noelle acquiring a major power boost (controlling the natural mana around her), we also saw her communicating with the Sea Guardian.

This has brought up many questions to our minds like, “is Kiato calling Noelle a ‘Sea Goddess’ more than what it seems?

Also, it looks like one of her power sources is quite possibly related to her connection with the Sea Guardian, and today we will be looking into just that.

Noelle’s Connection to Sea Guardian

The latest episode of Black Clover focuses on Noelle and her connection to the Sea Guardian. As the episode begins, we see her hearing a voice that reminds Noelle of her mother, Acier Silva.

Is Noelle a Sea Goddess?
Noelle Silva | Source: Fandom

Later on, as the episode progresses, her connection becomes even more apparent. Even so, it seems there is more to this aspect of Noelle’s mysterious power than what episode 136 had shown us.

Below, I have explained in detail her possible identity and the reason behind her relationship with the Guardian.

Who is the Sea Guardian?

Sea Guardians, in Black Clover, are creatures that have been around since time immemorial.

They are said to be servants of the Sea God. The Sea Guardian in episode 136, resided south of the Underwater Temple, in a place called “Void of No Return.”

Is Noelle a Sea Goddess?
Sea Guardian

Due to its power and rage that made it go berserk, the mana within the sea was disturbed. To quell its anger, Kahano and Kiato, accompanied by Noelle and Finral, went to the Void of No Return.

After reaching and meeting the Guardian, it was revealed that what Noelle heard, in the beginning, was a lullaby that the Sea Guardian was singing to its child.

Why could Noelle hear its lullaby?

At the beginning of the episode, Noelle could hear a faint singing voice, which was later revealed to be the Sea Guardian’s lullaby.

However, no one other than Noelle could listen to it, including Asta. While the reason behind this is not clear, there are a few theories I have pieced together from the information available to us.

Firstly, when Noelle heard the Sea Guardian’s lullaby, it gave her a feeling of nostalgia and reminded her of her mother, Acier Silva.

Is Noelle a Sea Goddess?
Acier Silva | Source: Fandom

If we skip to the ending, we see Noelle saying that maybe her mother has been to this place too.

This could mean that the reason Noelle could hear the lullaby is that she has heard it before, perhaps when she was within her mother’s womb.

This would also explain why she was feeling nostalgic when hearing the sound.

Another reason why Noelle could hear the sound can simply be due to her water magic type.

However, after looking at Tabata’s history of attaching a deeper meaning, the former theory seems more probable.

Noelle & the Void of No Return

The Void of No return is a place that is located south of the Underwater Temple. It is believed to be so deadly that no creature who has entered it has ever returned.

However, when faced with a terrifying situation, Noelle was able to get all the chaotic underwater mana on her side, and with her Valkyrie Armor, she effortlessly defeated the Kraken – protector of the sea.

Is Noelle a Sea Goddess?

As we have seen throughout the series, despite Noelle’s constant improvement, she is not at the level where she can control such enormous amounts of mana and that too the mana of nature – the purest mana there is.

This leads us to believe that there is some connection between her and the Void of No Return that allowed her to manipulate the chaotic mana with ease.

This connection is made even more evident at the end, where after the Guardian of the sea touched her forehead, she could picture Acier extremely clearly and believed that the latter must have been here before.

While the exact reason behind their connection is unknown, there is undoubtedly something that ties them together.

Does the Sea Guardian know Noelle and her mother?

The chances of the Sea Guardian knowing Noelle’s mother – Acier, are quite high. After Noelle reached the bottom of the hole, she identified the sound she was hearing.

The Sea Guardian calmed by Kahano and Kiato’s song, then proceeded to touch her on her forehead, which once again led her to picture Acier, more clearly than ever.

This leads us to believe that there’s a high chance that Noelle’s mother came here before her death, and met the Sea Guardian. This would explain why it touched Noelle and the reason behind her hearing the lullaby.

Noelle – ‘A Sea Goddess’?

Since the Underwater Temple arc, Noelle has been called the “Sea Goddess” multiple times by Kiato. While we initially believed that he called her this because of his affection towards her, it is most likely not the case.

In the latest Black Clover episode, even the Head Priest said that Kahono and Kiato would be safe thanks to the “Sea Goddess,” aka Noelle’s protection.

Noelle's New Spell! | Black Clover
Noelle’s New Spell

This points to the fact that there is definitely some deeper meaning behind this title, whether it be due to her incredible water type powers, or some connection to the Sea.

In this episode, we were introduced to the Sea Guardian, who is apparently a servant of the Sea God.

If Noelle is related to the latter, her being called a Goddess would make sense and why the Guardian seemed to recognize her.

Another thing that supports this theory is Mereoleona’s confession during the ‘Hot Springs arc’ when she told Noelle that the latter has enormous amounts of mana – even more than her mother, Acier Silva.

If Noelle could hear the lullaby because of her having listened to it from her mother’s womb, she might as well be blessed by the Sea Gods, which resulted in her uncontrollable mana.

This also explains Megicula’s deadly curse on her mother, which resulted in her death. Nevertheless, it seems like Tabata is building upon Noelle’s power and her connection to the sea.

This reminds me of another important factor which, if gained, will massively boost Noelle’s power-up – the Water Spirit Undine.

Will Noelle get the Water Spirit Undine?

Since Noelle’s magic is closely related to water, many of us expected her to acquire the water spirit.

However, due to Lolopechka’s contract with Undine, this seemed like something that would happen later down the line, if at all.

Is Noelle a Sea Goddess?
Undine | Source: Black Clover Anime

However, in the recent chapters, we saw Lolopechka’s curse activate due to Megicula’s presence, which caused her to nearly die.

While she is not dead yet, due to Noelle’s close connection to Lolopechka, after the latter’s death, Undine might just break the tradition and form a contract with her.

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Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since February 16, 2015.

The story centers around Asta, a young boy seemingly born without any magic power, something that is unknown in the world he lives in. With his fellow mages from the Black Bulls, Asta plans to become the next Wizard King.

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